UT Martin

UT Martin Handbooks & Procedures

Campus Procedure Contact: Ann Joiner, annjoiner@tennessee.edu

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University of Tennessee Martin Procedures

BT0008-M Procedure on Awarding Honorary Degrees
BTOO29-M Housing Allowances for Senior-Level Administrators
F1001-M Keys
FI0002-M Unit Name Change
FI0112-M Budgeting Current and Unrestricted Funds
FI0155-M – Minimizing Textbook Costs
FI0204-M Sponsored Projects – Incentive Payments
FI0205-M Sponsored Projects
FI0210-M Sponsored Projects – Cost Sharing
FI0305-M – Accounts Receivable Write-off Procedures
FI0310-M Receiving and Depositing Money
FI0312-M Custody of Third Party Funds
FI0405-M Procurement
FI0450-M Moving Stipend Procedure
FI0610-M Surplus Property
FI0625-M The Lease of Real Property by or to the University
FI0730-M Telephones and Other Communication Devices
GE0001-M – Policy on Policies and Procedures at UT Martin
HR0105-M Employment Status
HR0125-M Exit Interviews
HR0130-M Personnel Files and Release of Information
HR0307-M Benefits in the Event of an Employee Death
HR0330-M – Education Assistance (Fee Waiver)
HR0640-M Grievances
HR0720-M Drug Free Campus and Workplace
IT0110-M Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
IT0123-M – Security Awareness, Training, and Education Program
IT0132-M – Identification and Authentication Program
IT0132-M-A – Banner Administrative Access Request Overview
IT0134-M – System and Communication Protection Program
IT0135-M – System and Information Integrity Program
IT1000-M – Google Apps Usage
IT1001-M – Account Procedures and Guidelines
IT1002-M – Password Standard
OP00001-M Alcohol Procedure
RE0001-M Responsible Conduct in Research and Scholarly Activities
SA0001-M Drug Bin Collection Procedure
SA0002-M Animals on Campus
SA0300-M Ionizing Radiation Safety
SA0400-M Hazardous Material Safety
SA0450-M Biological Safety
SA0500-M Laser Safety
SA0550-M Minors in Laboratories and Shops
SA0600-M Reporting Safety and Health Concerns
SA0750-M Safety Training
SA0800-M Safety Committee
SA0900-M Smoking Procedure
SA0950-M Unmanned Aircraft Systems