SA0400-M Hazardous Material Safety


The purpose of this procedure is to establish a program for the safe handling, transport, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials at the University of Tennessee at Martin in compliance with the UT Safety Policy SA0400, Hazardous Material Safety. The procedure, SA400M – Hazardous Material Safety, is available on our policy website at so that it can be communicated and available to all departments and persons who may be in contact with these materials and/or subject to the regulations governing these materials.


  1. The UT Martin Hazardous Material Safety Program shall comply with all existing state, federal, and local codes, ordinances, and laws relating to the transportation, use, generation, storage, and disposal of whatever may be determined by those regulations to be “hazardous.”
  2. The UT Martin Safety Officer is responsible for evaluating and communicating to the administration the requirements of the program. Each UT Martin department or unit shall be responsible for implementing the requirements of the Hazardous Material Safety Program within each area of their organization.
  3. The Hazardous Material Safety Program requires that each department shall:
    1. Identify and evaluate hazardous materials.
    2. Implement safety procedures for handling hazardous materials, including spills and releases.
    3. Maintain an inventory of chemicals and the associated Safety Data Sheets.
    4. Properly label and store hazardous materials.
    5. Properly transport and dispose of hazardous materials.
      1. The UT Martin Safety Officer shall be notified of all hazardous materials that require and are ready for disposal by an outside agency.
      2. Hazardous materials that are ready for disposal shall be placed in a temporary storage room (staging area) prior to disposal. This staging area is located left of Room 106B on the south end of the EPS Building loading dock.
      3. The Department of Chemistry and Physics Academic Support Specialist is the designated person to monitor materials placed into this temporary staging area.
    6. Communicate the program requirements to those persons who are affected by the program.
    7. Provide training for personnel handling hazardous materials.
    8. Use recognized control hierarchy (elimination, substitution, engineering, administrative, and personal protective equipment) for managing hazardous substances.
    9. Annually evaluate the compliance and currency of the program.
  4. In the event of any cited violation by federal, state, or local regulatory agencies, the department responsible for the violation shall immediately notify the UT Martin Safety Officer of the violation and shall propose remedy (i.e., corrective actions) for the violation to the UT Martin Safety Officer.

SA0400-M Hazardous Material Safety
Version: 1 // Effective: 01/14/2019
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