UT Institute for Public Service

Institute for Public Service (IPS) Procedures

COM100 Media Relations Procedures
COM110 Social Media Guidelines
FIN100 Credit Card Processing Procedures
FIN110 Contract Procedures
FIN120 Gifts for University Work
FIN130 Outside Consulting and Training
FIN140 Sponsored Contracts, Grants, Contracts and Proposals
FIN436-IPS Sponsorship of External Non-Profit Organizations
HUM100 Complaint Form
HUM110 Death of an Employee
HUM120 Inclement Weather Procedures
HUM130 IPS Telecommuting Procedure
HUM140 Limited Duration Exempt Positions
HUM150 Performance Review
HUM160 Term Positions
HUM170 Vehicle Use Guidelines
INF100 Information and Computer System Classification Procedures
INF120 Security Incident Reporting and Response Procedures
INF130 IPS Security Plan Procedures
INF140 Technology Allowance Procedure
SA1010 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)
TRA110 FERPA Regulation Procedures
TRA120 Learning Event Development Process
TRA150 Training Development Procedures
TRA160 – IPS Retiree Registration Fee Waiver for IPS Training

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