FIN120 Gifts for University Work

TITLE: Gifts for University Work




PURPOSE: To provide IPS employees direction on what types of gifts may and may not be accepted.


IPS employees are sometimes offered personal gifts, gratuities, or favors in appreciation for their contributions to IPS clients. While such offers reflect well on the extraordinary efforts made by IPS employees on behalf of their clients, routinely accepting personal gifts for University work could create:

  1. Real or perceived conflicts of interest.
  2. A perception among clients that personal gifts are required to access IPS services.
  3. A culture where employees expect gifts as supplements to their salaries.

IPS employees may accept:

  1. Items that are given as part of established recognition or promotional programs such as plaques, paperweights, pens, caps, shirts, entertainment, refreshments and meals.
  2. Occasional non‐cash gifts with a value of $50 or less.
  3. Honoraria paid in compliance with UT Travel policy.
  4. Fees and gifts received for services provided outside one’s official duties as a University employee, providing these comply with the UT policy on Conflict of Interest and the IPS policy on Outside Consulting.

IPS employees should not accept cash gifts of any amount. Employees may suggest a donation to a charity of the employee’s choosing or to UT in recognition of the employee’s efforts. The IPS Director of Development can assist with these arrangements. In rare cases where the employee feels compelled to accept the offer, he/she may accept the gift and donate it to UT.


UT FI0125 [Replaced by GE0002] Conflict of Interest Policy

UT FI0705 (38. Honorariums) Travel Policy


Gail White, Chief Business Officer

FIN120 Gifts for University Work
Version: // Effective: 03/24/2015
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