UT Space Institute

Institute of Agriculture (UTIA) Procedures

Fiscal Policy 705 – International Travel
Fiscal Policy 705-1 Travel Advances
Interpretation of FI0220 – Sponsored Projects – Cost Transfers
UTIA Animals in the Workplace Policy
UTIA Fiscal Policy 0135 – Auto Liability Claims
UTIA Fiscal Policy 315 – Gifts
UTIA Fiscal Policy 435 – Professional Association Memberships
UTIA Fiscal Policy 537 – Gift Cards for Students
UTIA Fiscal Policy 715A (Alcohol Policy)
UTIA Fiscal Procedure 475 – Petty Cash Checks
UTIA Glossary of Information Technology Terms
UTIA IT0110 – Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Security Policy (AUP)
UTIA IT0115 – Information and Computer System Classification Policy
UTIA IT0121 – Information Technology Security Program Plan
UTIA IT0122 – Information Security Incident Response Policy
UTIA IT0122P – Information Security Incident Response Plan and Reporting Procedures
UTIA IT0125 – Information Technology Configuration Management Policy
UTIA IT0127 – Audit and Accountability Policy
UTIA IT0128 – Contingency Planning Policy
UTIA IT0132 – Identification and Authentication Policy
UTIA IT0302 – Information Technology Formal Exception Policy
UTIA Procedures for Implementing the UT System Policy for Conflict of Interest

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