UTIA Fiscal Procedure 475 – Petty Cash Checks

Effective Date: July I, 2014

UTIA Fiscal Procedure 475 –

Petty Cash Checks

Certain circumstances may cause situations where employees are not paid on their scheduled pay date for work that has been performed. In this case a salary advance can be requested.

Departments must ensure that they have sufficient backup for time entry approval in IRIS in the event that the departmental approver is absent.

Salary advances will be limited to 75% of regular pay and will not be granted for overtime, a small number of missed hours, or any extra service pay not entered.

Requests for petty cash checks are to be sent through the appropriate HR/Payroll officer for each department: Extension; Ag Research; CASNR; and CVM. Once the HR/Payroll officer has received the signed request, it will be routed to the office of the Chief Business Officer to the Chancellor for payment.

E-mailed requests are acceptable, but must come from the HR/Payroll office and must include all required information/documentation.

The petty cash check is for the net amount of pay the employee would have received for that pay period. There is no check stub for this pay period. Deduction amounts will be listed on the next IRIS pay stub. The deductions for the advance pay will not be listed separately but will be added to the deductions for the subsequent pay period. Special arrangements must be made in the event the employee has a wage earner deduction, garnishments, child support, or some other miscellaneous deduction. Employees must be advised of the above to avoid any misunderstanding of the salary advance procedures.

In the unlikely event the employee’s pay does not allow for full recovery of the salary advance, the Department’s E account will be charged for any and all unrecovered funds.

* Note that salary advances will not be processed due to continuous failure on the part of the employee, their immediate supervisor, departmental timekeeper, or departmental approver to process time entry in IRIS on a timely basis.

UTIA Fiscal Procedure 475 – Petty Cash Checks
Version: // Effective: 07/01/2014
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