The University of Tennessee’s policies apply to all campuses and institutes and provide university employees guidance to:

  • ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations
  • maintain adequate internal controls to safeguard the university’s assets
  • provide consistent management of resources transactions across the system
  • understand the university’s expectations for conducting university business and communicate these expectations to others as needed.

Newest Policies / Recently Updated

Effective 11/03/2017:

Effective 11/01/2017:

Effective 10/20/2017:
FI0625 – Lease of Real Property by or to the University

Effective 10/16/2017:
FI0150 – Approvals


Moving to PolicyTech

UT System Policies were migrated to a new document management system, PolicyTech. Permanent redirects have been established for individual policies.

Some features of the new system:

  • Policy owners can author policies in MS Word
  • Ability to track revisions, retain previous versions and history of a policy
  • Workflow for approvals, periodic review, and expiration
  • Role based security
  • Email notifications of events
  • PDF automatically generated for public viewing
  • Robust search: by department, document owner, approver, document type, policy type, or custom search

Effective Oct. 20, UT policies have been migrated and redirected to PolicyTech, a new document management system.