The University of Tennessee’s policies apply to all campuses and institutes and provide university employees guidance to:

  • ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations
  • maintain adequate internal controls to safeguard the university’s assets
  • provide consistent management of resources transactions across the system
  • understand the university’s expectations for conducting university business and communicate these expectations to others as needed.


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Newest Policies / Recently Updated

Effective 8/2/2018:

FI0705 – Travel

A complete re-write of travel policy takes effect today and this was based on input from numerous employees at all of the campuses and institutes. The policy was completely re-organized in an attempt to make it more concise and combine items into appropriate sections.

Effective 7/20/2018:

FI0910 – Taxability of Graduate Tuition Waiver for Employees

The changes clarify the policy.

FI0615 – Disposition of Gift Personal Property

The changes update the wording to recognize the UT Foundations role in accepting and disposing of gifts.

FI0720 – Retirement Receptions

Several clarifying edits were made to clarify what is allowed concerning retirement celebrations.

FI0155 – Copyright Compliance; Duplication and Distribution of Instructional Materials Prepared by Faculty

These changes are recommended by general counsel and academic affairs to comply with the TEACH Act (specifically 17 U.S.C. § 110(2)).

Effective 7/10/2018:

Fiscal Policy FI0425 – Campus Bookstore Purchases

Several clarifying edits were made by our procurement and legal staff.

Fiscal Policy FI0207- Sponsored Projects – Salary Policy

Fiscal Policy FI0215 – Sponsored Projects – Effort Certification

The changes recognize the requirement to certify additional summer pay on sponsored projects.


Campus Policies Published in Production:

8/10/2018: UT Chattanooga IT policies

7/16/2018: UT Knoxville SA policies

6/14/2018: UT Knoxville IT policies

6/14/2018: Additional UT Knoxville OP policies

6/12/2018: UT Knoxville OP policies

4/27/2018: UT Knoxville FI policies

2/5/2018:  UT Martin IT policies

Effective October 2017, UT policies have been migrated and redirected to PolicyTech, a new document management system.