The University of Tennessee’s policies apply to all campuses and institutes and provide university employees guidance to:

  • ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations
  • maintain adequate internal controls to safeguard the university’s assets
  • provide consistent management of resources transactions across the system
  • understand the university’s expectations for conducting university business and communicate these expectations to others as needed.


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Newest Policies / Recently Updated

Effective 2/22/2018:

BT0023 – Policy on Setting Faculty Salaries upon Conclusion of Administrative Appointments

Provides that faculty salaries for supplement-based administrative appointments will be governed by a system-wide fiscal policy rather than the Board policy.

2/5/2018:  First UT Martin policies published in PolicyTech

Published 1/16/2018 (new):

GE0001 – Policy Governing Issuance of System-wide Administrative Policies

New policy issued by the President to govern system-wide administrative policies in accordance with best practices, as recommended by the Office of Audit & Compliance after its review of system-wide Fiscal, HR, IT, and Safety policies.

Published 1/12/2018:

IT0123 – Security Awareness, Training, and Education

Adjusted policy to allow Campuses to designate the Workforce needing training.

Published 1/8/2018 (new):

BT0023 – Policy on Setting Faculty Salaries upon Conclusion of Administrative Appointments

Published 1/5/2018:

FI0725 – Use of University Vehicles

BT0006 – Policies Governing Academic Freedom Responsibility and Tenure

Published 1/4/2018:

Fiscal Policy FI0510 – Advance Payment to Vendors

The policy changes reflect the recent change in departmental PCard policy concerning payment of conference registrations.

Effective October 2017, UT policies have been migrated and redirected to PolicyTech, a new document management system.