UTIA Animals in the Workplace Policy

UTIA Animals in the Workplace Policy

Policy: Pets and other animals are not allowed inside any UTIA buildings with the following exceptions:

  1. Service animals, including HABIT animals, are permitted only when they are working in appropriate locations or as a part of the evaluations process.
  2. Faculty, staff and students with animals that have medical appointments at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital may bring their animals. However, the animals shall be boarded at the VTH after the appointment or taken home, to avoid keeping them in buildings.

Objective: This policy has been developed to prevent tracking of infectious agents and maintaining an appropriate professional workplace. It also protects workers that have allergies to animals from being exposed.


  1. Any pet or animal accompanying faculty, staff and students to work for a VTH appointment must keep the animal behind a closed door when in a private office or appropriately restrained (leash, cage, carrying tote, etc.) when in UTIA buildings. They shall not be a nuisance to others. Owners are responsible for the cleanliness of private office when pets are temporarily kept there. It is not the responsibility of the housekeeping staff to vacuum hair or remove stains from carpeting resulting from animals owned by employee or students.
  2. The animals should be boarded at the VTH or taken home after the appointment is over.
  3. Owners of pets not abiding by this policy will be asked to remove the animal.
  4. An uncontrolled animal whose owner is not present will be impounded.
  5. This policy will be enforced by the appropriate department head of administrative supervisor as well as the UTIA Safety officer and the Director of Services to ensure that an appropriate environment is maintained. Repeated abuse of this policy will be referred to the appropriate supervisor for disciplinary action.

* This policy applies only to UTIA campus buildings only.

Approved 10/20/2008

UTIA Animals in the Workplace Policy
Version: // Effective: 10/20/2008
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