HUM170 Vehicle Use Guidelines

TITLE: Vehicle Use Guidelines




PURPOSE: To provide requirements on the use of the University of Tennessee vehicles and use of personal vehicles for IPS business purposes.


  1. Beginning November 1, 2010, IPS will require employees that must drive a vehicle, as part of their job duties, to provide a copy of a valid driver’s license to be kept in their agency’s personnel file. This applies to driving any type of vehicle as part of an employee’s job duties, whether it be a UT vehicle, a personal vehicle used for business purposes, or a rental vehicle.
  2. Employees who drive as part of their job duties must also provide proof of automobile insurance. Per the State of Tennessee Financial Responsibility law (T.C.A. §55‐12‐139), this may be in the form of a copy of the declaration page of an insurance policy, an insurance binder, or an insurance card from an insurance company authorized to do business in Tennessee. This copy will also be placed in your agency personnel file.
  3. If an employee’s licenses is suspended or revoked for any reason or fails to maintain a valid driver’s license, the employee must notify his/her supervisor within 48 hours. If the employee’s insurance is cancelled or otherwise ceases to be in effect, he/she must notify his/her supervisor within 48 hours. An employee is forbidden to operate a vehicle on UT business if he/she does not have insurance..
  4. If driving a vehicle is required for an employee’s job duties, the failure to maintain a valid driver’s license, or driving without insurance, may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.
  5. Complete the attached form with a copy of your driver’s license and insurance and submit to the agency director.
  6. The employee must operate the vehicle in a safe and lawful manner. The employee is responsible for any traffic citations and parking tickets received while operating the UT vehicle or personal vehicle.


FI0725 ‐ Motor Pool policy


Vehicle Use Acknowledgement



In consideration of use of a University of Tennessee vehicle or use of my personal vehicle for University business, I acknowledge that:

  1. I have been informed that the University’s liability coverage applies only to vehicles driven by UT employees within the course and scope of their employment and only while on official University business.
  2. I will not allow any person who is not a UT employee to drive a UT vehicle in my possession and control.
  3. I understand that individuals under personal services contract and students and spouses who are not on the UT payroll are not employees of the University and therefore not eligible to operate a UT vehicle.
  4. While using a UT vehicle I am responsible for its condition and will make every reasonable effort to return the vehicle in substantially the same condition as I receive it, ordinary wear and tear excepted. I also understand that I or my department may be financially responsible for damages resulting from abusive use of the vehicle in my possession.
  5. As an operator of a vehicle (both UT and personal) for work purposes, I must have a valid driver’s license.
  6. As required by the State of Tennessee under the financial responsibility law (T.C.A. § 55‐12‐139) I am required to have insurance on my personal vehicle and for a rental vehicle and must carry documentation in the vehicle. This documentation may be the declaration page of an insurance policy, an insurance binder, or an insurance card from an insurance company authorized to do business in Tennessee and state that a policy of insurance meeting the requirements of this chapter, has been issued.
  7. If my license is suspended or revoked, or if for any reason I fail to maintain a valid drivers’ license, I must notify my supervisor within 48 hours that I will be unable to drive a vehicle for UT business until the matter has been resolved with the State of Tennessee or I have made other arrangements to complete my work assignments. If my insurance is canceled, expires or for any reason ceases to be in effect, I must notify my supervisor within 48 hours of notification.
  8. Failure to notify my supervisor may result in disciplinary action, including written warnings up to and including termination.
  9. The operator is responsible for the protection and safe operation of the vehicle. The operator should observe all traffic laws and rules of safe driving, and the operator is responsible for traffic violations and fines including parking violations.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above policies. I also understand that violation of these policies may subject me to disciplinary action under the University of Tennessee Personnel Policies and Procedures and Policies and Procedures for the Institute for Public Service. _____________________________________________

Driver’s name and Signature





HUM170 Vehicle Use Guidelines
Version: // Effective: 11/01/2010
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