HR0307-M Benefits in the Event of an Employee Death


Upon employment, employees will be provided a Designation of Beneficiary form that will facilitate such disbursement in the event of death.

Once notified, the Office of Human Resources shall notify appropriate agencies/vendors (UT System payroll in Knoxville) of the employee’s death.

Payment of earned salary and other benefits will be disbursed in accordance with current IRS rules and regulations regarding taxation and social security deductions.

If the employee completed a Designation of Beneficiary in the Event of Death, payment(s) will be made to the beneficiary(ies), provided a death certificate or physician’s statement has been received.

If the employee failed to complete such form, the surviving family will complete In the Absence of a Designation of Beneficiary Form to verify beneficiary(ies).

HR0307-M Benefits in the Event of an Employee Death
Version: 1 // Effective: 09/10/2019
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