HR0640-M Grievances


The University of Tennessee at Martin follows a four-step procedure as required by the HR0640 Policy.

Step 1: The non-exempt employee will submit a written formal complaint to the Director of Human Resources for review and action using the UTM Standard Form, indicating their request for an informal hearing or a hearing under TUAPA.

Step 2: If an Informal Hearing is requested: The Director of Human Resources will empanel an unbiased group of employees to review the complaint and set a date for the hearing.

If a hearing under TUAPA is requested: the employee will follow the guidelines set by the UT System.

Step 3: The informal hearing panel will meet to hear the complainant’s grievance and hear any testimony from the complainant’s witness(es).

Step 4: The Director of Human Resources will notify the complainant, in writing, of the panel’s decision.

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HR0640-M Grievances
Version: 1 // Effective: 09/10/2019
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