SA0004-M – Access to Campus Surveillance Cameras and Use of Personal Surveillance Devices

    Access to the campus surveillance cameras is restricted to university staff who have a verified need to view video footage as part of their job responsibilities. Access is granted strictly based on necessity and is subject to approval and periodic review. Students, with very limited exception, will not be granted access to any cameras maintained by the university. Employees will only be granted access to areas that are needed as part of their regular duties, and only for the duration of their need for access.

    Additionally, the use of personal surveillance devices, including but not limited to Ring video doorbells, Blink cameras, and other video security systems, is prohibited on campus without express written consent from the Department of Public Safety. This procedure ensures the security and privacy of the campus environment while maintaining control over network and physical security infrastructure.

    Access to the camera system does not presume the need to utilize the system. All access should be limited to business need, and any misuse of the system, even if the employee has been granted access, can result in disciplinary action.

    This procedure is designed to control the installation and use of all surveillance devices on campus to ensure they comply with university security protocols and privacy guidelines, prevent unauthorized surveillance activities that could compromise the university’s network security and infringe on privacy rights, and standardize practices across the university to maintain safety and security efficiently.
    • Campus Surveillance Camera Access:
      • Form Submission: Individuals requiring access must complete a designated request form via Dynamic Forms detailing their need.
      • Supervisory Approval: The form must be approved by the applicant’s supervisor and department head.
      • Final Approval: The Department of Public Safety reviews and the Director of Public Safety grants final approval.
    • Personal Surveillance Devices:
      • Request for Use: Individuals must submit a request to the Department of Public Safety to obtain approval for the use of any personal surveillance device on campus.
      • Installation and Connection: Devices may only be installed and connected to the university network following written consent from the Department of Public Safety.
      • Enforcement and Confiscation: Unauthorized devices found in use or connected to the university network may be confiscated. The responsible individual will be subject to disciplinary action.
    This procedure applies to all university staff, students, and visitors. It governs the use of campus surveillance cameras managed by the Department of Public Safety and extends to any personal surveillance devices intended for use on campus.
    Personal Surveillance Devices: Any privately owned electronic surveillance equipment, including drones, Ring video doorbells, Blink cameras, and similar video security systems. Cell phones, tablets, and laptops with built-in cameras are not considered personal surveillance devices unless their primary purpose is to surveil an area and record video.
    Unauthorized use of personal surveillance devices or access to campus surveillance without proper authorization may result in confiscation of the unauthorized device and/or disciplinary actions per university policies, which could include warnings, fines, suspension, or expulsion for students, and reprimands, suspension, termination or legal action for faculty and staff.
    Contact Department of Public Safety at 731.881.7777 for questions about the procedure or monitoring.

SA0004-M – Access to Campus Surveillance Cameras and Use of Personal Surveillance Devices
Version: 1 // Effective: 07/09/2024
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