FI0450-M Moving Stipend Procedure


To enhance faculty/staff recruitment by assisting new employees with moving expenses.


Pending availability of funds, moving expenses may be provided for faculty and staff upon the recommendation of the Dean for academic employees or Department Head for non-academic employees and Vice Chancellor and approval of the Chancellor. Credentials of the individual, availability of funds, and the necessity of providing moving expenses will be considered.

Allocations will be determined annually at the beginning of each budget cycle and prorated to the units based on the number of searches per unit. Moving expenses shall not normally exceed $10,000 for any individual.

A written request, separate from the request to make an offer, explaining why reimbursement of moving expenses to a newly hired faculty or staff member is in the best interest of the University, must be submitted to the Vice Chancellor and approved by the Chancellor prior to incurring any expenses.

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FI0450-M Moving Stipend Procedure
Version: 1 // Effective: 08/04/2022
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