FI0305-M – Accounts Receivable Write-off Procedures

  1. Department completes T-35 (A/R Write-off Request) using Fiscal Policy FI0305: Accounts Receivable.
    1. Note on top of form in red: “BANNER – DO NOT RE-ENTER! All entries will be made in Banner.”
    2. Attach a printed list of students with Banner ID numbers and amount to write off. Do not print social security numbers (SSN).
  2. Department submits T-35 form and printed list (without SSN) to Bursar. This list should also be sent electronically in Excel format to the Bursar.
  3. Bursar reviews for policy compliance and
    1. Sends to Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (VCFA) for approval, if correct
    2. Contacts department if further information or corrections are required
  4. VCFA provides approval and
    1. Returns original to the Bursar
    2. Sends signed copy to department requesting write-off
  5. Department makes entry into Banner after receiving signed copy.
  6. Notes:
    1. Accounts receivable training is offered annually by the Bursar.
    2. As part of required due-diligence for accounts receivable, accounts with a balance of $50 or more are referred to collection agencies by Bursar prior to writing off the account balance.
    3. Contact the Bursar in the Bursar’s Office regarding this page.

FI0305-M – Accounts Receivable Write-off Procedures
Version: 1 // Effective: 05/02/2012
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