SA0001-M Drug Bin Collection Procedure


The purpose of this procedure is to provide officers of the University of Tennessee at Martin Department of Public Safety with guidelines and procedures for the collection and disposal of medications from the University of Tennessee at Martin Police Department’s drug disposal bin.


It shall be the procedure of the University of Tennessee at Martin Department of Public Safety to provide a prescription drug bin to the members of the University community, citizens of the City of Martin and surrounding counties for the purpose of disposing unused, expired and unwanted medications, in order to decrease the impact of discarded medications on the environment as well as the community itself.


  1. The prescription drug drop bin is located in the front lobby of the UTM Police Department and is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year. This drop bin is available to any person wishing to dispose of unwanted prescription medications and over the counter medications.
  2. The collection bin will remain locked at all times and only authorized personnel will have access to opening the bin. The collection bin shall be secured with the two (2) locks provided on the bin.
  3. The Director of Public Safety shall designate the officer/officers who shall be responsible for the issued keys to the collection bin. No keys shall be duplicated unless authorized by the Director.
  4. The collection bin shall be checked and emptied at a minimum of once a month by two (2) members of the Department of Public Safety who are designated by the Director.
  5. The medications collected shall be documented before placing in the pick-up barrel. At the time of collection, the following shall be included.
    1. Weight
    2. Date
    3. Time
    4. By whom collected

 Storage location of collected medications

This information shall be documented in the form of a TIBRS report, listed as a “Miscellaneous Incident”, and a body camera shall be worn and operating.

All documents regarding the pickup transaction shall be attached to the report.

6.   All medications collected shall be properly stored within the evidence/property room.

7.   The prescription drug take back program is for private citizen use only and will not be used for commercial entities, unless otherwise directed by the Director of Public Safety.

8.   The person or persons dropping off unwanted medications may remain anonymous.

9.   The collected medications shall be scheduled at a minimum of every three (3) months to be picked up by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Office of Sustainable Practice.

10.   Proper equipment such as non-latex gloves and filter mask shall be worn at all times when handling the collected medications.

11.   A “pick-up log” shall be filled out with the pickup location, barrel weight, barrel serial number, barrel label number and agency name and signed by the department designee and Task Force personnel who is collecting the medications.

12.   Department personnel shall not at any time drop any items other than unused/unwanted medications in the collection bin.

Acceptable Items

Items that will be accepted for pick up and destruction are as follows:

  1. Prescription Drugs, Ointments and Lotions
  2. Prescription liquid medications that are properly sealed and in leak proof containers c. Pet medications
  3. Over the counter medications, including vitamins
  4. Inhalers
  5. Pills in any packaging including but not limited to plastic containers, plastic baggies (ziplock) and foil.

Unacceptable Items

Items that will not be accepted in the bin are as follows:

  1. Illegal drugs or narcotics
  2. Needles/sharps or syringes with needles
  3. Blood sugar testing equipment
  4. Thermometers
  5. IV bags
  6. Personal care products, (shampoo, lotions, etc.)

When items other than prescription medications or those listed on the acceptable items list are found in the receptacle, impound for destruction (if possible) and discard those items as appropriate and per departmental procedure. Do not seize for destruction any containers that have prescription medications in them.

SA0001-M Drug Bin Collection Procedure
Version: 1 // Effective: 11/21/2019
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