HR0143 – Recruiting

Effective: August 1, 2005
Revision No: 1
Recruiting Procedures Internal Hires/Transfers
Listing Position Vacancies Related Policies
Internal Applicants Procedures

To provide systematic and equitable recruiting procedures to fill position vacancies.


Recruiting Procedures[top]

  1. Each office of human resources shall develop procedures governing recruiting to fill position vacancies. Such procedures shall conform to the search requirements outlined in the applicable affirmative action plan.

Listing Position Vacancies[top]

  1. Every position vacancy will be listed with the appropriate human resources office. The human resources officer and the affirmative action officer should approve any exceptional circumstances that preclude the listing of a job vacancy.

Internal Applicants[top]

  1. University employees who wish to transfer between positions within the university should follow the hiring procedures for the human resources office responsible for the position vacancy. A new application for employment may be required. For internal applicants, the time spent interviewing will be counted as work time.

Internal Hires/Transfers[top]

  1. An internal hire or transfer occurs when a current employee assumes the duties of a vacant position at any location within the university. For affirmative action purposes only, an internal transfer occurs when an employee transfers from one affirmative action plan unit to another.When an employee transfers from a position in one human resources office area to another, the employee's official personnel file will be forwarded to the receiving human resources office.

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