HR0310 – Continuous Service Credit

HR0310 – Continuous Service Credit


To establish a systematic method of computing the length of service for each staff employee for educational assistance, leave of absence, service as an employee representative, and reduction in force.


Each staff employee shall have continuous service credit with the university dating from the first date of his or her unbroken regular service. The continuous service credit of an employee shall be broken under the following conditions, and when so broken, such employee shall be, for all purposes, considered a new employee if and when rehired:

  • Discharge for just cause.
  • Voluntary resignation, which shall include absence in excess of three (3) consecutive working days without reporting.
  • Any unauthorized absence after the time limit of an authorized vacation or other approved absence unless satisfactory evidence of inability to report for work is shown.
  • Failure to report to work after notification of restoration of force.
  • Failure to report for reinstatement within ninety (90) days following discharge from military service.

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HR0310 – Continuous Service Credit
Version: 4 // Effective: October 1, 2017
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