HR0505 – Attendance

HR0505 – Attendance


To establish attendance standards and to encourage staff and student employees to meet their work schedules.


  1. Staff and student employees are expected to be at work on time for their scheduled work period. The employee’s supervisor must be informed prior to the beginning of the work period of any absence or variation from the established work schedule.
  2. Consecutive absences of three (3) work days will be considered voluntary termination, unless prior to the beginning of the fourth work day the employee has notified his/her supervisor of the legitimate basis for the absence under university policy and, if required, has obtained the supervisor’s approval of such absence.
  3. Unexcused absences or repeated tardiness or failure to report absences may subject the employee to disciplinary action.

Policy Details:

HR0505 – Attendance
Version: 2 // Effective: October 1, 2017
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