HR0530 – Garnishments

HR0530 – Garnishments


To provide a means of equitably handling garnishments against university employees.


  1. The university does not assist creditors in collecting personal debts from employees except as legally required by garnishment proceedings. A garnishment is a court order attaching an employee’s earnings to satisfy a debt which he or she has incurred.
  2. In accordance with TCA 26, Section 13, on the same or next working day that the garnishment is received, the university will provide a copy of the garnishment summons and the Notice to Judgment Debtor to the employee. This will be done either by direct delivery to the employee or by first class mail, postage prepaid, to the last known address of record and to the address shown at the bottom of the Notice to Judgment Debtor if different from the address of record. As soon as feasible the employee will be informed of the legal requirements placed upon the university and the steps that can be taken to remove the garnishment. The director of human resources or a designee will counsel with the employee and, as appropriate, the employee will be assisted in obtaining additional financial counseling.

Policy Details:

HR0530 – Garnishments
Version: 8 // Effective: October 1, 2017
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