HR0122 – Employment of University Employees by Other University Personnel

HR0122 – Employment of University Employees by Other University Personnel



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To provide guidelines for the employment of university staff by other university employees in an employment situation external to the university.


  1. Should a university employee desire to hire another university staff to perform personal services, the following guidelines are applicable:
    1. Employees in line supervisory positions must not employ persons within their line of authority for personal services.
    2. Employees who work for university employees within the context of this policy or for persons outside the university must perform all such work on their own time with their own equipment or tools.
    3. Employees who hire other employees within the context of this policy assume shared responsibility with the hired employee for ensuring that work performed is not on university time and that university tools and equipment are not used in performing such work. University records must clearly reflect that the employee performing the work is not on university time.
    4. University tools, equipment and supplies must not be used for non-university purposes. The chief administrator of each campus or institute or a designee may approve exceptional use of university equipment, tools or supplies when there is a clearly established public service rendered by the use of those materials to the benefit of both the university and the community at large. Compensation must be provided the university by the beneficiary of such services for non-exempt staff time expended in connection with public service activities.
    5. Deans, directors, and department heads are responsible for ensuring that control over university equipment and tools is adequate to prevent the use of such equipment or tools by employees to perform non-university work of a personal services nature.
  2. This policy should in no way restrict the employment relationships between university physicians, veterinarians, psychologists, lawyers, or other licensed professional staff and their patients or clients as long as the services are rendered in a manner to avoid conflict with university related responsibilities.

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HR0122 – Employment of University Employees by Other University Personnel
Version: 1 // Effective: October 1, 2017
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