HR0128 – Employee Professional Development and Training

HR0128 – Employee Professional Development and Training


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To establish and define the university’s policy concerning the professional development and training of employees.


The University of Tennessee believes the professional development and training of its employees are central to the university’s mission, vision, and values.

The head of each campus or institute is responsible for ensuring that individual and departmental training needs are met. In collaboration with the campus and institute HR Officers, the Office of Employee and Organizational Development will assist campus and institute officers (or designees) with assessing needs and providing training or other appropriate services to meet individual and departmental goals.

Professional development and training should be planned individually during the employee’s annual performance review, and throughout the year based on ongoing coaching and evaluation of performance, and assessment of organizational needs. Employees are strongly encouraged to seek professional development aligned with their current job and career aspirations at UT. Supervisors are strongly encouraged to support employees’ participation in a minimum of 32 hours of training and development activities per year. Compensation for time spent in approved professional development activities should be consistent with Fair Labor Standards Act regulations.

To support the completion of professional development by employees, the university acknowledges completion of job related development obtained internally and externally from the standard training and development offered to UT employees. Internal professional development is acknowledged through internal registration and completion through the K@TE learning management system integrated with IRIS. Completion of professional development completed outside of K@TE can be requested as External Training Credit through the K@TE learning management system, with supporting documentation requested.


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HR0128 – Employee Professional Development and Training
Version: 2 // Effective: June 20, 2019
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