HR0128-H – Human Resource Development

No./Title: 128 – HUMAN RESOURCE


Resp. Office: HUMAN


Effective Date: 08/01/1979

Category: Training

Last Review: 02/26/2020

Next Review: 02/26/2023

Contact: Rebekka Freeman

🕿 901.448.3053


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To encourage and support the development and growth of University employees.


Training and development opportunities for employees are available through the Office of Human Resources.

A catalog of training programs is published at the following website so that professional development can be planned. In addition, opportunities will be publicized through the Employee Relations Organization, posted on bulletin boards, and announced through special fliers, letters and electronic signage.

To promote career growth, employees should participate in formal education and on-the-job training as well as in professional development activities offered on campus. In consideration of the workload of departments, it is recommended that each employee be limited to 32 hours of attendance in campus sponsored training programs each year. The 32 hours is to be provided in addition to any training programs required to comply with State or Federal law.

To facilitate departmental work schedules, employee requests to attend training programs should be submitted to the supervisor for approval as far in advance as possible.

Supervisors and department heads may request special assistance in the area of organization and department improvement. Such training activities should be considered at the time that goals and objectives are developed for both individuals and departments. To schedule custom sessions, contact Human Resources, 910 Madison, Suite 764. (901)-448-5600.

HR0128-H – Human Resource Development
Version: 1 // Effective: 08/01/1979
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