HR0150 – Restoration of Force

HR0150 – Restoration of Force


To provide a consistent and equitable method of reinstating former staff employees who were laid off pursuant to a reduction in force.


A restoration of force occurs when a position that was eliminated as the result of a reduction in force is restored within one year of the effective date of the layoff (i.e., the employee’s termination date). An eligible employee is eligible for reinstatement to the restored position for one year after the effective date of the layoff.

The appropriate human resources office shall provide a notice of reinstatement to any eligible laid-off employee if the employee’s former position title is included in a restoration of force. If more than one employee held the position title that is being restored, the offer of reinstatement will be in reverse order of layoff; the last employee laid off will be the first employee offered reinstatement, unless an employee chosen for layoff has a documented history of poor performance or disciplinary action. If an employee is reinstated through this process within one year after being laid off, his or her continuous service date will be the date in existence at the time of the layoff.

If an employee rejects an offer of reinstatement, he or she will lose eligibility for reinstatement. Former employees who have elected retirement in lieu of layoff are not eligible for reinstatement under this policy.

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HR0150 – Restoration of Force
Version: 7 // Effective: October 1, 2017
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