FI0155 – Duplication and Distribution of Instructional Materials Prepared by Faculty

Effective: July 15, 1992
General Policies Contacts

To provide policies on the duplication and distribution of printed instructional materials prepared by faculty other than copyrighted works such as textbooks, manuals, etc.


General Policies[top]

  1. Whenever possible, departments should provide instructional materials prepared by faculty (e.g., packets containing handouts, class notes, compilation of articles) free of charge to students. If departmental funding cannot cover this cost, such materials may be made available to students in the following ways:

    1. Instructional materials may be given to a bookstore or printing facility (either on-campus or commercial) for duplication and purchase by students at the least possible cost.

    2. Whenever instructional materials are placed with a bookstore or printing facility for students to purchase, access to these materials without charge should also be available from another source such as the department or university library where students could read, borrow, or copy (if appropriate) the materials.

  2. Neither university faculty, departmental staff, nor departments may receive commissions, discounts, or benefits of any kind from bookstores or printers as a result of the sale of instructional materials to students.

  3. The duplication and distribution of instructional materials must comply with federal copyright statutes.

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