FI0940 – Faculty Supplement Based Administrative Appointments

FI0940 – Faculty Supplement Based Administrative Appointments


Supplement-Based Administrative Appointment




To provide guidance on the setting of faculty salaries for employees who continue to hold faculty appointments after their Supplement-Based Administrative Appointments have concluded in accordance with university policy BT0012.


Supplement-Based Administrative Appointment

When a Supplement-Based Administrative Appointment concludes, the additional duties assignment pay supplement will terminate, and the faculty member will return to his or her faculty salary. The salary may be adjusted upward with the considerations listed below, but in no event can the salary range exceed 125% of the highest salary of all full-time faculty in the department who share the same discipline and academic rank as determined by the chief academic officer of the campus. This salary adjustment limit excludes salaries for Governor’s Chairs, Distinguished Scientists, Chairs of Excellence, endowed chairs and former administrators. This salary cap will not apply if salary retreat terms were otherwise negotiated in the written offer letter at the time of the administrative appointment. The factors for consideration are:

  1. length and quality of administrative service at the University;
  2. particular experience, expertise, achievements and standing in the discipline;
  3. expected (or assigned) contributions to the department (and any other affected units);
  4. faculty development opportunities foregone while serving as an administrator; and
  5. other discipline-specific factors normally considered when setting faculty salaries in the department.


All Supplement-Based Administrative Appointments must be approved in advance in writing by the chief academic officer of the applicable campus, unless the appointment is for a chief academic officer or chancellor, which must be approved by the president.


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FI0940 – Faculty Supplement Based Administrative Appointments
Version: 1 // Effective: June 2, 2020
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