The University of Tennessee System

Safety (SA) Policies

The policies below can be ordered by subject, version or date. Click or tap each table header below to change the order.  Each policy will open in a new tab or window.

The policies listed below are exact reproductions of the policies published through the University’s official policy site, [PolicyTech Public Link]. They have been re-published here for the convenience of those readers who cannot access the official site.

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Subject (click link to view / download PDF)Version #Published in PolicyTechPolicyTech Public url: Use this link to access policy in PolicyTech or to share / embed the public urlTitle only
SA0100 - Safety and Environmental Health Program710/1/2017 and Environmental Health Program
SA0150 - Environmental Health and Safety Records110/1/2017 Health and Safety Records
SA0200 - Emergency Management510/1/2017 Management
SA0300 - Ionizing Radiation Safety210/1/2017 Radiation Safety
SA0400 - Hazardous Material Safety310/1/2017 Material Safety
SA0450 - Biological Safety32/9/2021 Safety
SA0500 - Laser Safety210/1/2017 Safety
SA0550 - Minors in Laboratories and Shops110/1/2017 in Laboratories and Shops
SA0575 - Programs for Minors211/7/2019 for Minors
SA0600 - Reporting Safety and Health Concerns110/1/2017 Safety and Health Concerns
SA0700 - Safety and Environmental Health Responsibilities310/1/2017 and Environmental Health Responsibilities
SA0750 - Safety Training110/1/2017 Training
SA0800 - Safety Committee110/1/2017 Committee
SA0875 - Firearms22/9/2021
SA0900 - Smoking110/1/2017
SA0950 - Unmanned Aircraft Systems110/1/2017 Aircraft Systems