Safety (SA) Policies

The policies below can be ordered by subject, version or date. Click or tap each table header below to change the order.  Each policy will open in a new tab or window.

The policies listed below are exact reproductions of the policies published through the University’s official policy site, [PolicyTech Public Link]. They have been re-published here for the convenience of those readers who cannot access the official site.

Subject (click link to view / download PDF)Version #Published in PolicyTechPolicyTech Public url: Use this link to access policy in PolicyTech or to share / embed the public url
SA0100 - Safety and Environmental Health Program710/1/2017
SA0150 - Environmental Health and Safety Records110/1/2017
SA0200 - Emergency Management510/1/2017
SA0300 - Ionizing Radiation Safety210/1/2017
SA0400 - Hazardous Material Safety310/1/2017
SA0450 - Biological Safety210/1/2017
SA0500 - Laser Safety210/1/2017
SA0550 - Minors in Laboratories and Shops110/1/2017
SA0575 - Programs for Minors110/1/2017
SA0600 - Reporting Safety and Health Concerns110/1/2017
SA0700 - Safety and Environmental Health Responsibilities310/1/2017
SA0750 - Safety Training110/1/2017
SA0800 - Safety Committee110/1/2017
SA0875 - Firearms110/1/2017
SA0900 - Smoking110/1/2017
SA0950 - Unmanned Aircraft Systems110/1/2017