SA0800 – Safety Committee

SA0800 – Safety Committee


To establish the guidelines for the creation of a safety committee at each major location of the University of Tennessee system.


  1. The existing State of “Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Reform Act of 1992” requires the establishment of a safety committee by each employer covered by the workers’ compensation law. It shall be the policy of the University of Tennessee system that such a committee be established at each major university location.
  2. Each committee shall consist of:
    1. Representatives from the faculty, staff (both exempt and non-exempt) and students. The exact ratio of membership and number, and term of those persons appointed shall be determined by the chancellor, appropriate vice president or a designee.
    2. Appointment of the safety committee and the committee chair shall be made by the chancellor, appropriate vice president or a designee.
    3. The committee shall meet at least semi-annually. The minutes of committee meetings shall be submitted to the chancellor, appropriate vice president or designee.
  3. Committee Charge
    1. The committee shall review and advise the chancellor or appropriate vice president and other administrators, on matters relating to the safety and health of employees, faculty, students and visitors to the university. Specific duties of the safety committee are:
      1. Review and advise the safety officer and the administration on proposed or amended campus safety and health policies and procedures.
      2. Review reports of potential physical hazards and practices, injuries or illnesses and actual losses, and make recommendations for actions to be taken. The safety committee is to be advised of efforts already in place to reduce and/or control future accidents and illnesses.


Policy Details:

SA0800 – Safety Committee
Version: 1 // Effective: October 1, 2017
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