SA0750 – Safety Training

SA0750 – Safety Training

Each campus/institute will establish a program for training in safety, occupational health and environmental compliance. The content of the information shall be based on regulatory requirements, needs of the campus and best management practices.


The campus safety officers will be consulted to help meet these requirements. It’s important to note that the department and the employee’s immediate supervisory are key to the overall success of safety training.

The programs shall include the following elements and attributes:

  1. Training (orientation) for new employees.
  2. Periodic refresher training as defined by recognized standards. Note that the safety officer may decide on the frequency of refresher training when not defined by regulation.The following situations may trigger the need for additional training:
    1. Change of equipment, hazard, process or procedure
    2. The employee demonstrates a lack of understanding (e.g. compliance)
    3. New information or regulations relative to a subject
    4. Reassignment of task
  3. Documentation of training shall be maintained by the employee’s department in the form of a quiz, test or attendance list and are encouraged to use IRIS as a central repository. Note that some standards require a specific content of training records. Documentation shall be kept for at least three years and may be in electronic form.
  4. Provisions should be made to verify the employee understands the content of the program.
  5. The content of training may be general and/or specific in nature depending on the subject.
  6. Training may be any of the following formats: classroom style, online, self-study, demonstration of skills or other.
  7. Departments shall be responsible for identifying training needs in coordination with the campus safety office.
  8. In some cases the person providing the instruction must meet minimum qualifications with respect to education, certification and/or experience.
  9. Departments will establish a process to ensure their employees receive the required training. Consideration should be given to implementing a tracking and/or accountability system for any mandatory program.
  10. The safety office shall periodically audit training records. These audits may be specific to a department or a program (e.g. bloodborne pathogens).

Policy Details:

SA0750 – Safety Training
Version: 1 // Effective: October 1, 2017
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