SA0600 – Reporting Safety and Health Concerns

SA0600 – Reporting Safety and Health Concerns


To establish a method for reporting safety and health concerns and potential problems without fear of reprisal.


  1. In accordance with Tennessee Code Annotated ” 50-3-101 et seq., and the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development Division of Occupational Safety and Health (TOSHA), each university location shall provide and promote a method for employees and other persons to report unsafe or potentially hazardous conditions to the appropriate university authority, including the safety officer. The following guidelines should be followed:
    1. Any employee or student may report unsafe or potentially hazardous conditions directly to the safety officer and request anonymity.
    2. The reporting of such conditions by an employee shall in no way result in disciplinary action or reprisal against the employee.
    3. The safety officer or appropriate party will investigate the concern, act upon and respond within 15 working days to any person who registers a concern, complaint or report of unsafe conditions.
    4. The safety officer or designee shall maintain a record (log) of all such complaints or concerns and all actions taken. Concerns relating to personal security and potential criminal acts are addressed outside of this policy.
    5. Employees will be informed of their right to report their concerns to TOSHA in addition to reporting their concerns or complaints to the appropriate university official.
    6. The safety officer will annually analyze all employee and student safety concerns based on nature, location, department, and severity. Any identifiable trends based on this analysis will be forwarded to the campus administration with recommendations for action.

Policy Details:

SA0600 – Reporting Safety and Health Concerns
Version: 1 // Effective: October 1, 2017
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