SA0500 – Laser Safety

SA0500 – Laser Safety


To identify the required policies and procedures for the safe use of non-ionizing radiation, including but not limited to lasers, microwave, radiofrequency and UV radiation sources.


  1. Appropriate safety and health procedures and review processes will be established at each location for all non-ionizing radiation usage. Non-hazardous consumer products are excluded. Such procedures shall address usage, condition and health exposures of those involved.
  2. Specific policies shall be established for the safe use of UV radiation sources in laboratories or other affected areas.
  3. The following procedures shall be established relating directly to the use of lasers. “The American National Standard for Safe Use of Lasers (latest revision) ANSI Z136.1,” “ANSI Z136.3, Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care Facilities”, OSHA General Industry 29CFR 1910.97” and “OSHA Construction Standards 1926.54” shall be considered the appropriate standards. Campus procedures shall include, but are not limited to:
    1. Registration of all class 3b and class 4 lasers with the laser safety officer, including their location, wavelength, and power.
    2. Training of employees and students in the proper use and safe handling of these devices with particular attention to the health exposures from class 3b and class 4 lasers.
    3. Basic personal protection, including eye protection for users and observers.
    4. Labeling for all laser equipment with wavelength and power.
    5. Hazard warning signs in areas where lasers are in use and a risk of injury is present.
    6. The immediate reporting of any incidents or accidents involving these devices.

Policy Details:

SA0500 – Laser Safety
Version: 2 // Effective: October 1, 2017
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