SA0100 – Safety and Environmental Health Program


To establish a framework for the safety and environmental health program at the University of Tennessee system. Implementation of the program will provide a safe and healthful environment for university faculty, staff, students and guests and maintain a climate conducive to the safe conduct of the university’s various missions.


  1. “The University of Tennessee Safety and Health Plan for Employees” was developed to meet the standards established by the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Act, Tennessee Code Annotated §50-3-101 et seq., as a self-inspecting agency. This plan is updated periodically and subsequently approved by the university’s president’s staff. 
  2. The university’s plan formalizes the safety and health program for employees at its various locations and establishes responsibilities of the university as a whole for the implementation of the plan. 
  3. The University of Tennessee system adheres to the laws of the state of Tennessee and to local and federal codes, ordinances and regulations as may be applicable. In the development of general and specific safety and health policies and practices, the university will recognize the rules and guidelines set forth by various accrediting academic and scientific agencies. 
  4. The safety and health program of the University of Tennessee system also includes:
    1. The safety and well-being of university students and guests who are on the premises of the university or engaged in university-sponsored activities. 
    2. The identification and evaluation of potential losses to the university arising out of accidents and injuries to people and loss or damage to property. 
    3. Protection of the environment by compliance with regulations and good management practice. 
  5. Components of the university safety and health program are as follows:
    1. The president appoints a university director who coordinates the safety and environmental health program for the university. 
    2. The chief administrator of each campus, institute, or unit appoints a safety officer who works with the university director and takes required actions to maintain and support the university’s safety program. 
    3. The university director, a safety officer, or a consultant conducts an annual safety review of the campus, institute, or unit. The review shall be based on standards as stated in “The University of Tennessee Safety and Health Plan for Employees.” 
    4. Each safety officer prepares an annual report on safety and health activities conducted at his or her location. 
    5. Each safety officer shall maintain a safety and health manual referencing applicable regulations and prescribed management practices. 
    6. Each safety officer shall inform employees of the safety and health program and provide employees an opportunity to submit concerns and complaints. No employee shall be retaliated against in any way for filing a safety and health complaint or grievance. Termination-hearing procedures shall be available for charges of such retaliation. 
    7. In the event of a serious accident resulting in fatalities, severe injuries, or extensive property damage, the campus safety officer shall immediately contact the university director and the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development Division of Occupational Safety and Health (TOSHA) Manager of Public Sector Programs, and shall begin an investigation of the accident.