Board of Trustees Policies

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BT0001Conflict of Interest Policy for Trustees
BT0002Code of Ethics for Appointed Trustees
BT0004Presidential Performance Reviews
BT0005Awarding Honorary Degrees
BT0006Academic Freedom Responsibility and Tenure
BT0007Faculty Handbook Revisions
BT0008Naming of Facilities and Other Assets of the University of Tennessee
BT0009Procedural Framework for Academic Program Discontinuance
BT0010 SUPERSEDED SUPERSEDED - Policy on Misconduct in Research and Service (for reference only)
BT0011Student Programs and Services Fee
BT0012Settlement of Claims and Litigation
BT0013Discretionary Expenditure Reporting for the President and Chancellors
BT0014Public Records
BT0015Debt Management
BT0016Approval of Student Fees
BT0017Process for Submitting Legislative Proposals and Funding Requests to the General Assembly
BT0018Housing for Senior-level Administrators
BT0019University Aircraft

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