BT0014 – Policy Concerning Admission Preference for Residents



The purpose of this policy is to comply with the provisions of Chapter 950 of the 2006 Tennessee Public Acts [Tenn. Code Ann. § 49-7-138], which requires adoption of a policy concerning preference to residents of the State of Tennessee for admission to Tennessee public higher education institutions.


The Charter of The University of Tennessee declares that one of the purposes of the University is to afford an education primarily to citizens of Tennessee. The Charter and other statutory provisions grant the University’s governing body, the Board of Trustees, authority to prescribe the University’s criteria for admission.

In accordance with its authority, the Board of Trustees directs the campuses to ensure that a Tennessee resident receives preference over a non-resident when the Tennessee resident presents qualifications that are, in the professional judgment of the evaluators, substantially equivalent to those of the non-resident.




Policy Details:

BT0014 – Policy Concerning Admission Preference for Residents
Version: 1 // Effective: November 3, 2006
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