Board of Trustees Policy Statement on Discretionary Expenditure Reporting for the President and Chancellors

Effective: June 24, 2004
Revision No: 2

The President and the Chancellors have operating budgets approved for their office that are audited by the University’s Office of Internal Audit and Consulting Services using a risked-based approach. The President and the Chancellors may also have use of or access to discretionary funds not part of their general operating budget. The purpose of this Board policy statement is to ensure adequate oversight and accountability with respect to expenditure of these discretionary funds.



  1. An analysis and reporting of expenditures made by, at the direction of, or for the benefit of the President or a Chancellor from funds other than their general operating budget shall be undertaken at least quarterly and more frequently if warranted.  These funds may include, but are not limited to, unrestricted and restricted discretionary gift funds, foundation funds, athletic funds, sponsorship fees, licenses and royalty funds, and other such funds not included in the operating budget for the President’s office or Chancellor’s office or otherwise not under their direct control.

  2. The report shall include, as a minimum, a list of expenditures made by, at the direction of, or for the benefit of the President or a Chancellor, the purpose of the expenditure, the amount of the expenditure, the date of the expenditure, and the source of funds.

  3. The Chief Financial Officer shall file annual reports with the Audit Committee, President, the Chancellors, and the Executive Director of Internal Audit.  The reports shall be filed within 45 days of the end of each fiscal year, and copies shall be provided to each member of the Board of Trustees.

  4. The President and the Chancellors shall not have authority to grant themselves, their spouses, or their offices an exception to fiscal, spending, or travel policies established by the Board or by statute.

Last Revised February 25, 2011

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