SIM114 – Sim Equipment – Storage

No./Title: SIM114 – Sim Equipment, Supplies- Storage

Resp. Office: CHIPS

Approval Body: CHIPS

Effective Date: 06/08/2021

Category: Simulation

Last Review: 06/08/2021

Next Review: 06/08/2024

Contact: Executive Director CHIPS

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SIM 109- Sim Equipment, Supplies- Separation

SIM 115- Sim Equipment, Supplies- Loan


  1. Simulation Faculty/Facilitators: Any person meeting minimum simulation competencies, as determined by the Director of Education, who is associated with the delivery and planning of the simulation activity
  2. Simulation items: any equipment or supplies used to support the fidelity of clinical simulation encounters.
  3. Support areas: areas secured for equipment storage, prep, and maintenance (i.e. CHIPS core areas).
  4. Supply storage area: a secured inventory space accessed only by CHIPS staff.


The Center for Healthcare Improvement and Patient Simulation (CHIPS) will store all simulation equipment and supplies in a designate, secured space. CHIPS Staff are responsible for ensuring the safe storage of all simulated equipment.


  1. CHIPS Staff ensure that all simulation spaces are locked and secured at the close of business each day to protect simulation equipment.
  2. All simulation items will be stored in a secured, designated, and locked support space.
  3. The protocol for safe storage of consumable simulation items follows:
    1. Packages are signed in and placed on the wire rack in the loading dock and a notification is sent out to CHIPS Staff.
    2. CHIPS Operations staff that accept the package must sign off on the packing slip and place in the appropriate tray in the Administration Office (Room 120)
    3. CHIPS Operations staff will complete the entry of the items into the inventory management system with the appropriate quantity and location.
    4. CHIPS Operations staff will move the item from the loading dock to the supply storage area.
    5. Removal of items from the supply storage area to the support areas should be reflected in the inventory management system.
  4. Only CHIPS Staff should access the equipment support areas unless special permissions have been granted to Simulation Faculty/ Facilitators by the Executive Director.
  5. All support spaces are to be kept in a tidy, working manner.


Effective: June 8, 2021


Approved: CHIPS, June 8, 2021