SIM108 – Sim Equipment, Supplies-Maintenance

SIM108 – Sim Equipment, Supplies-Maintenance

No./Title: SIM108 – Sim Equipment, Supplies- Maintenance

Resp. Office: CHIPS Approval Body: CHI P S

Effective Date: 01/15/2019

Category: Simulation

Last Review: 04/28/2022

Next Review: 04/28/2025

Contact: Executive Director CHIPS

 901.448.4530

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1) Users: Anyone utilizing CHIPS resources (e.g., students, residents, faculty, or external clients).


Equipment in CHIPS will be maintained at a level that ensures all educational needs of users can be met.


  1. Equipment used for simulation purposes will be monitored and maintained in accordance with the maintenance plan (See Appendix 1).
    1. The Maintenance Plan sets the pre- and post-event plans, preventative plans, and predictive maintenance plans for each type of simulation equipment (manikins, task trainers, medical equipment, etc.)
    2. Each CHIPS Operations Staff member is assigned to a particular equipment maintenance workload via our electronic tracking system.
    3. CHIPS Operations Staff are expected to log their maintenance dates and any issues discovered, resolved, or the need for additional maintenance support.
  2. The Equipment Maintenance Plan will reflect manufacturer recommendations and other available standard guidelines.
  3. Users are expected to inform CHIPS staff of any equipment malfunction.
  4. CHIPS staff members will notify the Operations Lead of any known equipment malfunction or the need to seek additional solutions.
  5. As software updates become available, the CHIPS Operations Staff, under the direction of the Operations Lead, will devise a plan to upgrade the equipment without affecting upcoming simulation activity in the building.
  6. At the completion of any software upgrade, the staff member will test the compatibility of the new upgrade to ensure that it is functioning optimally.
  7. When annual maintenance agreements are secured through a vendor, CHIPS staff will ensure that annual preventative maintenance checks are performed as outlined in the maintenanceagreement.
  8. The Operation Lead will oversee maintenance agreements and notify CHIPS staff when there is a change in status.
  9. Equipment user manuals should be stored on the CHIPS Shared Drive and accessible by all CHIPS staff.


  1. Sim Equipment-Maintenance Plan
  2. Simulator Maintenance Tracking
  3. Manikin Warranty Status


Effective: January 15, 2019, Committee on Academic and Student Affairs Approved: April 28, 2022, Executive Director, CHIPS

SIM108 – Sim Equipment, Supplies-Maintenance
Version: // Effective: 01/15/2019
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