SIM116 – Student Sim Requests

UT Health Science Center: SIM116 – Student Sim Requests

No./Title: SIM116– Student Sim Requests

Resp. Office: CHIPS Approval Body: CASA

Effective Date: 12/07/2021

Category: Simulation

Last Review: 12/07/2021

Next Review: 12/07/2024

Contact: Executive Director CHIPS

 901.448.4530

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  1. Learner- Student, resident, or healthcare professional engaged in simulation-based educational or assessment activity.
  2. Independent Practice- when students, residents or other learners wish to participate in an individual or group simulation-based practice of skills.
  3. Simulation Activities- include simulated clinical scenarios, simulated task training, standardized patient scenarios, debriefings and/or discussions and may be electronic, written, verbal, observed, or overheard.
  4. Standardized/Simulated Patient (SP)- A person who has been carefully coached to simulate an actual patient so accurately that the simulation cannot be detected by a skilled clinician. In performing the simulation, the SP presents the gestalt of the patient being simulated; not just the history, but the body language, the physical findings, and the emotional and personality characteristics as well (Barrows 1987).
  5. Lead Faculty/Facilitator: The Simulation Faculty/Facilitator that carries primary responsibility for the activity, serves as the main point of contact, and is responsible for recruiting other Simulation Faculty/Facilitators and content experts as needed


Learners who request the use of CHIPS facilities for simulation activities must be observed to ensure proper skill acquisition.


  1. CHIPS supports learner requested simulation activity when observed by a licensed and qualified individual.
  2. Validated computer programs can replace the need for direct observation when applicable (virtual reality trainers) for individual skill training.
  3. Orientation to CHIPS rooms and equipment will be handled by a requested walk-through from the lead faculty or in the pre-brief of the simulation activity.
  4. All requests from student societies need to have a direct faculty representative who will lead the planning and preparation of simulation activity and be in attendance for the event.
  5. All requests will be prioritized based on availability of space, staff, and resources.
  6. Event requests outside of normal business hours must first receive approval from the Executive Director before event confirmation and planning begins.
  7. Standardized/Simulated Patient requests for student-initiated activities are at the discretion of the Executive Director.


Effective: December 7, 2021

Approved: December 7, 2021

Approved: January 26, 2022, Chief Academic Officer

SIM116 – Student Sim Requests
Version: // Effective: 12/07/2021
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