SIM106 – Remediation and Practice

UT Health Science Center: SIM106 Remediation and Practice

No./Title: SIM 106 – Remediation and Practice

Resp. Office: CHIPS Approval Body: CASA

Effective Date: 01/15/2019

Category: Academic

Last Review: 06/07/2022

Next Review: 06/07/2025

Contact: Executive Director CHIPS

 901.448.4530

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  1. Remediation Event- any subsequent delivery of a simulation event due to an academic deficiency
  2. Independent Practice – when students, residents or other learners request to participate in a simulation-based practice of skills, in the presence of a faculty or instructor.
  3. Lead Simulation Faculty/Facilitator – A Simulation Faculty/Facilitator that is responsible for the overall development and delivery of the simulation activity.


Simulation-based experiences for remediation and independent practice may be scheduled in The Center for Healthcare Improvement and Patient Simulation (CHIPS).


  1. All events, including remediation and independent practice, should be requested via the online event request form at
  2. CHIPS is unable to accommodate same-day requests.
  3. Remediation activities required to meet curricular needs are accommodated based on available space, time, staff and/or other resources.
  4. Remediation requests:
    1. Remediation requests should be submitted with Semester Deadline requests. These requests will be placed on the CHIPS calendar as a “tentative” event.
    2. Status changes from “tentative” to “confirmed” when the Lead Simulation Faculty/Facilitator communicates details about the identified need to the Simulation Logistician.
    3. Events on calendar as “tentative” do not preclude other events being scheduled that may conflict with available rooms or resources.
    4. Lead Simulation Faculty/Facilitator will receive email confirmation when a remediation or makeup event has been confirmed.
    5. All confirmed remediations will occur with the same logistics and case materials as the originally scheduled event.
    6. In the event that CHIPS is unable to accommodate the request for simulation- based remediation, it is the responsibility of the Lead Faculty/Facilitator to determine alternative educational activities/offerings.
  5. Independent practice:
    1. For inquiries on independent practice, please refer to the Student Sim Request policy.
    2. Lead Faculty/Facilitators are encouraged to schedule practice time through event request form (#1 above) when students may practice with Faculty supervision.


Effective: October 1, 2018

Approved: June 7, 2022, CASA

Approved: June 16, 2022 Chief Academic Officer