PolicyTech Tips

Collected tips and techniques for navigating PolicyTech:

  • Public URLs:  It is often desirable to embed links to a specific policy within an email, other websites, or external documents.
    • NOTE:  Since a recent upgrade, there is an issue viewing public urls on PolicyTech.  We are working to get this resolved. 
    • You can view PDF’s of system-wide policies and get the public url by visiting https://policy.tennessee.edu/policytech-policies/

Public urls should look similar to this:


Viewers are not required to log in to Central Authentication Service (CAS) or to PolicyTech.  If you or your viewers are prompted to log in, please check the url.  Do not copy / share the browser url.  Also, make sure the url ends in &public=true.

  • Search Tips for PolicyTech (https://universitytennessee.policytech.com/?public=true&siteid=1)
  • Search Tips for WordPress (https://policy.tennessee.edu)
  • Browsers:  We recommend using IE11 or Chrome to view and edit in PolicyTech.
  • Printing:  Two options for printing:  1) Use the standard Adobe menu that is displayed when you hover over a policy (using a recommended browser).  The printer icon is the second from the left; 2) or CTRL+P to bring up print dialog.
  • Need to navigate long policy documents?  PolicyTech uses standard Word functionality.  For Windows users, to go to top of document (CTRL-Home); to go to end of document (CTRL-End).
  • PolicyTech User Guide (for Administrators)

Background Information

UT System Policies were migrated to a new document management system, PolicyTech. Permanent redirects have been established for individual policies.

Some features of the new system:

  • Policy owners can author policies in MS Word
  • Ability to track revisions, retain previous versions and history of a policy
  • Workflow for approvals, periodic review, and expiration
  • Role based security
  • Email notifications of events
  • PDF automatically generated for public viewing
  • Robust search: by department, document owner, approver, document type, policy type, or custom search