SIM110 – CHIPS Tour

No./Title: SIM 110 – CHIPS Tour

Resp. Office: SIMULATION

Approval Body: CASA

Effective Date: 01/01/2021

Category: Academic

Last Review: 03/02/2021

Next Review: 03/02/2024

Contact: Executive Director CHIPS

🕿 901.448.9746




SIM100- Sim Confidentiality, SIM 111- Sim CHIPS Access,


  1. Learner: Student, resident, or clinician engaged in a simulation-based educational or assessment activity
  2. Safe learning environment: a learning environment where it is clarified that learners feel physically and psychologically safe to make decisions, take actions, and interact in the simulation.


  1. All tour requests should be made through the online request form and must be approved by the Executive Director or Operations Lead.


  1. Any person or group requesting a tour of CHIPS is to submit an online Tour Request via the CHIPS website.
  2. Requests will be processed by the Executive Director or Operation Lead using the following criteria:
    1. Availability of the Simulation Center at the requested date and time
    2. Availability of CHIPS Staff
    3. Ability of CHIPS to meet the specific needs of the tour request
    4. Strategic importance of the requested tour
  3. A CHIPS Staff will be present to guide all tours, unless previously approved by the Executive Director or Operations Lead.
  4. Any tour group operating without a CHIPS Staff member present will be given the CHIPS Tour Script to assist with the delivery of the tour.
  5. To protect learner confidentiality and the safe learning environment, all tour groups must adhere to the posted “Simulation in Progress” signage. No passage of tour groups beyond this sign is allowed.
  6. The Executive Director holds the right to revoke tour privileges for any group found in violation of the posted signage or exhibiting any inappropriate behavior.
  7. Offices or Colleges leading approved tours will work with CHIPS staff to orient the tour leaders as needed.
  8. Tour requests considered non-strategic, as determined by the Executive Director or Operations Lead, will be provided a link to the CHIPS Virtual Tour video.


  1. CHIPS Tour Script


Effective: January 2021

Reviewed: March 2, 2021, CASA

Approved: March 6, 2021, Chief Academic Officer

SIM110 – CHIPS Tour
Version: 1 // Effective: 01/01/2021
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