SIM103 – Sim Attire Policy

No./Title: SIM103 – Sim Attire

Resp. Office: SIMULATION

Approval Body: CASA

Effective Date: 12/01/2017

Category: Academic

Last Review: 02/02/2021

Next Review: 02/02/2024

Contact: Jarrod Young, Co-Director

Healthcare Simulation Program

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HR 820 – Professional Attire


Participants in simulation activity, including simulation support staff, should maintain an image of professionalism that resembles actual environments (e.g., clinic, hospital, office, etc.) at all times.


  1. Participants: anyone involved in or observers of simulation activity (e.g., students, learners, educators, instructors, faculty, staff, or observers)
  2. Simulation Program support staff: anyone employed or volunteering for the Simulation Program; includes student workers.
  3. Business attire: as defined in HR 820 – Professional Attire


  1. In all cases, every attempt should be made to ensure attire is consistent with the authentic environment intended for the simulation. This includes simulation program staff who should wear scrubs accordingly to mimic the clinical environment.
  2. General procedures applying to all:
    1. Blue jeans, shorts, leggings, stirrup-pants, skorts, and exercise clothing may not be worn.
    2. Open toed shoes, flip flops and sandals may not be worn.
    3. Clothing (including scrubs) must fit appropriately without being tight so that undergarments are not visible.
    4. Specific procedures for participant groups are listed below. For groups not listed below, appropriate scrubs or business attire are acceptable.
  3. Simulation Educators, Faculty, and Instructors:
    1. May wear approved Simulation Program scrubs, hospital-assigned scrubs, or business attire.
    2. White coats are encouraged when applicable.
    3. Simulation program t-shirts may only be worn at specific events, as approved by the Executive Director.
  4. Simulation support staff (excluding student workers)
    1. May wear Simulation Program scrubs or business attire.
    2. Simulation Program t-shirts may only be worn at specific events, as approved by the Executive Director.
    3. Three sets of Simulation Program scrubs will be provided for each staff member. Staff may also purchase additional sets of scrubs as needed.
    4. Blue jeans may be worn with permission of the Executive Director.
  5. Simulation Program student workers:
    1. May wear Simulation Program t-shirts with appropriate pants or business attire.
  6. Hospital staff
    1. Should wear attire as required by their respective institution, department, and/or division.
  7. Students
    1. Students should comply with school/department/program guidelines for dress. In the absence of school/department/program guidelines, students should wear school-approved scrubs or business casual dress.
    2. White coats are encouraged when applicable.


Effective: December 2017

Revised: February 2018

Approved: February 2018

Reviewed: February 2, 2021, CASA

Approved: February 5, 2021, Chief Academic Officer

SIM103 – Sim Attire Policy
Version: 1 // Effective: 12/01/2017
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