SIM117 – Professional Development

SIM117 – Professional Development

No./Title: SIM117– Professional Development

Resp. Office: CHIPS

Effective Date: 10/20/2021

Category: Simulation

Last Review: 10/20/2021

Next Review: 10/20/2024

Contact: Executive Director CHIPS

 901.448.4530

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  1. Professional development- an encompassing term referring to the ability of staff to improve their knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness in their professional role by way of specialized training, formal education, or advanced professional learning.
  2. Conference- a formal meeting for the discussion of a particular topic


CHIPS will work to prioritize professional development opportunities for all full-time staff to expand simulation knowledge on campus, improve the processes and educational support that CHIPS provides and contribute to advancement in the field of simulation.


  1. CHIPS supports the continual professional development of staff in accordance with the program’s mission and vision.
  2. All professional development opportunities should be discussed with the Executive Director and appropriate supervisor to ensure the opportunity aligns with the department and individual’s workload.
  3. Staff education reimbursement will be handled in accordance with the UTHSC Human Resources policy.
  4. If the budget permits and funds are available, then staff my attend position-specific conferences.
  5. A conference attendance plan should be set each Fiscal Year with the immediate supervisor.
  6. When planning conference attendance, the following priorities will be addressed:
    1. Alignment to position and department
    2. Appropriate funding
    3. Presentation of content
    4. Attendance record
  7. All courses attended at a paid conference will be discussed with the individual’s supervisor to ensure it is most applicable to the mission and vision of CHIPS.
  8. After conference attendance, CHIPS staff are expected to provide a brief report to the team. This presentation should discuss lessons learned and identify how CHIPS can potentially integrate new knowledge obtained through the conference participation.
  9. Any employee unable to provide meaningful feedback from conference attendance may only be considered for different methods of professional development in the future.
  10. The Executive Director has final approval for how staff professional development funds will be allotted.


Effective: October 20, 2021

Approved: CHIPS, October 20, 2021

SIM117 – Professional Development
Version: // Effective: 10/20/2021
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