RSP12 – Transport of Radioactive Materials on Campus Radiation Safety.docx

No./Title: RSP12 – Transport of Radioactive Materials on Campus

Resp. Office: Research Safety Affairs

Effective Date: 1/24/2021

Category: Radiation Safety

Last Review: NEW

Next Review: 1/24/2024

Contact: Jabari Robinson, Radiation Safety Officer,

Office of Research Safety Affairs




To outline the procedures for transporting radioactive materials within the UTHSC campus. This policy applies to all such transfers except those covered under the Waste Collection policy.


Radioactive materials may be transported within the confines of the UTHSC campus by personnel who have been trained by the RSO. Such materials must be properly packaged to prevent spillage and/or cross contamination during transport. In addition, all such transport, except as specifically specified in the procedures for collection of radioactive waste, must be done on foot, with no wheeled conveyance used.


  • Materials may only be transported between laboratories of the same Authorized User unless specific approval has been obtained from the RSO to transfer isotope to a different AU.
  • Liquids should be packaged in a secondary containment of impervious materials with a secure cover to prevent spillage.
  • Materials must be labeled as “radioactive” with the appropriate sticker or tape, and the isotope(s) must be identified.
  • The activity of isotope present must be included on the label.
  • Transport should be direct to the final destination.
  • The material must always be attended by the trained worker during the transport.
  • When the material reaches its new destination, it shall be promptly secured in accordance with the Security Policy.

RSP12 – Transport of Radioactive Materials on Campus Radiation Safety.docx
Version: 1 // Effective: 01/24/2021
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