RSP08 – Registration and Inspection of X-Ray Machines

No./Title: RSP08 – Registration and Inspection of X-ray Machines

Resp. Office: Research Safety Affairs

Effective Date: 1/24/2021

Category: Radiation Safety

Last Review: 1/24/2020

Next Review: 1/24/2024

Contact: Jabari Robinson, Radiation Safety Officer,

Office of Research Safety Affairs




To outline the policy for the possession, use and registration of x-ray producing machines at UTHSC.


The possession and use of radiation producing machines is regulated by the State of Tennessee Division of Radiological Health. These regulations specify requirements for the protection of workers and the public from sources of radiation exposure. Compliance with the regulations requires in part that all radiation producing machines be registered with the State and that each unit be inspected on a regular basis.


All radiation producing machines shall be registered with the Radiation Safety Officer. These include but are not limited to x-ray machines for diagnostic imaging and x-ray diffraction apparatus. The Radiation Safety Officer will serve as the contact with the State of TN for all units owned or operated by UT Health Science Center.

The purchase, acquisition or construction of new units or facilities must be approved by the Radiation Safety Officer in advance. Such approval will consider operator qualifications, training and shielding requirements for the facility.

The Radiation Safety Officer must be informed immediately of any changes in status or personnel affecting the use or oversight of radiation producing machines. Such changes include a change of responsible party, change of location, removal from service, or transfer to another entity.


The Radiation Safety Officer will perform routine inspections of radiation producing machines and the facilities wherein they are located. These inspections will at a minimum satisfy the self-inspection requirements established by the Division of Radiological Health.

RSP08 – Registration and Inspection of X-Ray Machines
Version: 1 // Effective: 01/24/2021
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