RSP02 – Security of Radioactive Materials

No./Title: RSP02 – Security of Radioactive Materials

Resp. Office: Research Safety Affairs

Effective Date: 1/24/2021

Category: Radiation Safety

Last Review: 1/24/2020

Next Review: 1/24/2024

Contact: Jabari Robinson, Radiation Safety Officer,

Office of Research Safety Affairs




To outline the policy for the security of radioactive materials at UTHSC.


It is the policy of the UTHSC that radioactive materials shall be secured from unauthorized access or removal commensurate with the risks posed by loss or misuse of the accordance with regulations established by the State of Tennessee.


Security of Material in Laboratories

  • Licensed material shall be secured from unauthorized access or removal. Only those that have received at least awareness level training of radioactive materials shall have access to it. A current inventory of radioactive materials shall be maintained and shall be posted and visible. Acceptable methods of securing stock solutions include the following:
  • Locked storage location (e.g. refrigerator/freezer, room)
  • Locked box secured inside of a storage location (it cannot be portable)
  • Surveillance of radioactive material by a trained and authorized individual.
  • Other methods that provide an equivalent level of oversight at the discretion of the RSO.

All labs where radioactive materials are stored (samples, waste, stock solutions, etc.) shall be locked when not attended.

External calibration standards for liquid scintillation counters will be considered exempt from these security requirements if their quantity is exempt. Such standards however should be inventoried and accounted for by the laboratory.

Liquid Scintillation waste that would be considered exempt from treatment as radioactive waste shall be exempt from these security requirements provided it is properly labeled.

Security of Material in Animals

  • Animals that have been administered radioactive materials are must be housed either in secured radioactive materials laboratories, or if special approval is given, in one of the UTHSC animal facilities. Such facilities must have restricted access, and the animal(s) administered radioactive material must be segregated. Additionally, contamination monitoring of bedding and other items associated with animal care may be required. All cages or other enclosures which house radioactive animals shall be labeled with appropriate warning signs to alert area personnel to the hazard. It is the general policy of UTHSC that radioactive animals and related contaminated materials are only handled by specially trained laboratory personnel.

Security of Material in Transit

  • All radioactive materials in transit within the confines of UTHSC shall always be attended by an appropriately trained worker. Materials shall only be released to individuals authorized to possess them (e.g. AU or radiation worker under the authority of an eligible AU). Special dispensation may be made at the discretion of the RSO if there is a demonstrable need and that all personnel receive appropriate training in function specific topic areas including this policy.


Violations of the security policy will be handled according to the Radiation Safety Committee Violation Policy.

RSP02 – Security of Radioactive Materials
Version: 1 // Effective: 01/24/2021
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