OP00025-K Parking

Parking and Transit Services

Traffic & Parking Regulations


These regulations are subject to revision by the Traffic and Parking Authority.

(APA revised March 2006)

General Policy

These regulations are established by the Traffic and Parking Authority of The University of Tennessee as directed by resolution of The University of Tennessee Board of Trustees on June 20, 1968. They are applicable to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors on the Knoxville campus of The University of

Tennessee. Students are required to obey these regulations as a condition of attendance at the University, and faculty and staff (hereinafter referred to as staff) members are required to obey them as a condition of employment.

The purpose of these regulations is to facilitate the safe and orderly conduct of university business and provide parking facilities in support of this function within the limits of available space.

Parking and Transit Services and the UT Police Department are responsible for implementation and enforcement of these regulations. Records are maintained by Parking and Transit Services, 865-9746031.

The university shall have no responsibility for loss or damage to any vehicle or its contents operated or parked on the Knoxville campus of The University of Tennessee.

Regulations are enforceable seven (7) days a week, twenty-four (24) hours a day, including holidays and breaks.

Violations of these regulations will be cited through appropriate channels for disciplinary action.

Registration of Vehicles

  1. All motor vehicles operated by staff and students in connection with their employment or attendance at The University of Tennessee must be registered with the Parking and Transit Services Department. Registration alone does not confer any parking privileges at any time on campus. Registration improves the security of campus, identifies the operator as affiliated with the University and provides for more expedient notification in the event of any emergency.


  1. Transferable registration hanging tags will be issued to staff and students registering their vehicles. To be valid, these tags must be clearly visible and hanging from the rear view mirror of the registrant’s vehicle.
  2. Registration tags are not parking permits and do not confer any parking privileges at any time on campus.
  3. Parking at University Apartments requires a special registration tag that is to be obtained from the Resident Manager’s Office of the apartment complex of residency. This tag will authorize parking at a particular housing unit only. Parking in University lots on the Agriculture and Main Campuses will require the appropriate staff or student parking permit, which may be obtained at the Parking and Transit Services Department at 2121 Stephenson Drive.
  4. Vehicle registration must be renewed at the beginning of each Fall Semester and is valid until the beginning of the following Fall Semester so long as the registrant remains a student or a University employee.
  5. Staff vehicle registrations must be accomplished within 72 hours of joining the University Staff and within 72 hours of acquiring a vehicle. A temporary permit is required during this initial 72hour period. Staff vehicle registration must be renewed each year at the beginning of the parking year (August 1 through July 31).
  6. Student vehicle registration must be accomplished by the first day of class or within 72 hours of acquiring a vehicle. A temporary permit is required during this 72-hour period. H. Lost or stolen registration tags (E tags, K tags) will be replaced without charge.

The person to whom a vehicle is registered is responsible for that vehicle and all violation citations issued thereto. If the person operating the vehicle is other than the registrant when a violation is committed, both he/she and the registrant may be cited. J. Specific EXPIRATION DATES are indicated on each registration tag.

Ownership of vehicle registration is not transferable.

General Parking

  1. Regular parking on all University lots, streets, parking structures, or leased lots will be by parking permit only.
    1. Staff and students with current UT parking permits may park in unreserved staff and commuter areas from 5:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. (4:45 pm in Staff Area 9 and Staff Area 23). After this time, vehicles without permits for these areas may be towed.
    2. Parking is not permitted in the Student Commuter Parking Areas nor in the RecSports Parking Area (RPA) between 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. except by special permit. The RPA lot is for use of UT Recreational Facilities. A staff or commuter permit is required and there is a 3-hour time limit for parking between 6:00am and 5:00pm.
    3. At times, certain areas will be reserved for parking for special events, such as athletic events, conferences, etc. Parking for these events will be by special parking permit for the specific event.
    4. The SHC lot is restricted parking for the Student Health Clinic only and a permit is required.
  2. Vehicles are restricted to one parking space. Oversized vehicles and non-motorized vehicles and equipment are prohibited in campus parking spaces except in cases approved in writing by the University.
  3. Motorcycles are permitted only in designated M&R spaces.
  4. Parking permits will be issued upon payment of the appropriate parking fee. These permits will be transferable hanging tags, and to be valid, they must be clearly visible and hanging from the rear view mirror of vehicle. Those who purchase a hanging parking permit may transfer the permit to any vehicle they wish. HOWEVER, THE INDIVIDUAL WHO PURCHASES THE PERMIT WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR PARKING VIOLATIONS BY ANY VEHICLE BEARING THE PERMIT.
  5. A window sticker is available for convertibles. To be valid, the sticker must be permanently affixed to the front window on the driver’s side.
  7. When area transfers are made, permits must be presented to the Parking and Transit Services Department before a new permit is issued.
  8. Staff and students may purchase only one (1) automobile permit unless there is a need to replace a lost or stolen permit.
  9. All persons utilizing the University parking facilities are subject to the fee schedules that follow.
  10. Persons obtaining parking permits must be prepared to show positive proof of ownership.
  13. Parking demands varies greatly by day of week and time of day. In order to maximize use of parking spaces on campus, the University has established a ratio of parking permits to spaces as follows: commuter permits 1.85, non-commuter permits 1.20 and faculty/staff permits 1.20.

Staff Parking Fees

  1. All parking fees are payable annually in advance. As a benefit, UT employees that are classified as “Regular” faculty/staff may choose to pay the annual parking fee through monthly payroll deduction. Employees that are classified as “Term” faculty/staff are not eligible for payroll deduction. Term employees may purchase a daily permit, a monthly permit, or an annual permit in available areas by paying the established fee in advance.
  2. Monthly payroll deduction for assignments made in August will begin in August. For assignments made after August, the charge will be adjusted on a per month basis.
  3. Unreserved staff areas are available on a first-come basis. Annual rate is determined by the employee’s base salary.
    1. $29,999 and under annual compensation will pay $20 per month x 12 months = $240.00
    2. $30,000 to $59,999 will pay $30 per month x 12 months = $360.00
    3. $60,000 to $149,999 will pay $35 per month x 12 months = $420.00
    4. $150,000 and over annual compensation will pay $50 per month x 12 months = $600.00
  4. Gated parking at $678.00 annually or $56.50 per month provides parking in gated facilities with restricted access.
  5. Reserved area parking at $1,476 annually or $123 per month provides a reserved space in staff reserved areas at all times.
  6. Faculty/staff that terminate their employment with the University, that want to discontinue parking, or that experience an extended leave must return their parking permit to Parking and Transit Services to stop the payroll deduction. Parking is prorated on a monthly basis and the permit must be returned by the last business day of each month to avoid additional charges. If a permit is not returned, the employee will be billed for any outstanding balance due.
  7. When a faculty/staff person is terminated by the University, the employer should secure any active permit and return the permit to Parking and Transit Services or advise the employee to return the permit. No adjustments will be made for fractional portions of a month. The permit must be returned by the last business day of each month to avoid additional charges or being billed for any outstanding balance due.
  8. During Special Events, an area will be reserved for those staff members who must work and whose normal assigned space or area is required for the special event parking.
  9. Staff parking areas are designated by number as shown on the parking map. Staff may park only in the area which corresponds to their parking permit.
  10. Staff not working during summer term or going on extended leave may surrender their parking permits before they leave campus. This may result in loss of current parking assignment. K. Specific Expiration Dates are indicated on each parking permit.

Staff Space Allocation and Parking Assignment

  1. Parking spaces will be allocated to the departments through the appropriate dean or director.
  2. Deans or directors will make individual assignments not to exceed the number of spaces allocated.
    1. Priority of assignment is up to each department; however, professional rank, seniority, job requirements or physical limitations should be prime considerations.
    2. Assignments will be made by the Parking and Transit Services Department in accordance with instructions from deans or directors.
    3. Assignments and permits extend from the time of issuance to the beginning of the following fall semester.
    4. Staff members will present to the Parking and Transit Services Department letters of authorization from deans or directors for area assignment.

Student Parking Fees

A. Parking lots for students will be designated by letter as shown on the parking map. Student vehicles may be parked only in lots which correspond to their parking permit as follows:

  1. Non-Commuter (N or NW) $294.00 (Fall and Spring Semesters) may also park in CFN1 Lot located on Agricultural Campus. Non-Commuter Permits are not to be sold to Commuters.
  2. Motorcycle Non-Commuter (R) $78.00 (Annually).
  3. Motorcycle Commuter (M) $63.00 (Annually).
  4. Fraternity or Sorority (GF or GS) $269.00 (Fall and Spring Semesters).
  5. Commuter (C or CW) $188.00 (Fall and Spring Semesters) may also park in CN Lots located on Agricultural Campus. Commuter parking permits are not to be sold to Non-Commuters.
  6. Evening (T or TW) $40.00 (Fall and Spring Semesters) valid in commuter lots after 3:00 p.m. and unreserved staff lots after 4:00 p.m.

    B. A Summer Parking Fee will be charged as follows:
    1. Non-Commuter (NS or NSW) $100.00 (Mini Session and Summer Semesters).
    2. Commuter (CS or CSW) $63.00 (Mini Session and Summer Semesters).
    3. Evening (TS or TSW) $13.50 (Mini Session and Summer Semesters).
    4. Fraternity or Sorority (GFS or GSS) $70.00 (Mini Session and Summer Semesters).
    5. Second session of Summer Semester will be one half (1/2) of the foregoing prices.
  7. Students residing on University Campus in Residence Halls will be considered Non-Commuters. All others are Commuters.
  8. Students living in University Apartments not located on the Main Campus will be required to obtain a commuter parking permit if they desire to park on the University Campus.
  9. Any student who purchases a parking permit in August and leaves school during the school year prior to the beginning of the Spring Semester, may obtain a refund for the Spring Semester. Such request must be made no later than 15 days after the end of the Fall Semester. A student purchasing a Summer Semester permit but only using it for the first session may obtain a refund of one-half (1/2) the Summer Semester rate. The refund request must be made within 5 days from the first day of class for the second half of Summer Semester. PERMIT MUST BE RETURNED TO OBTAIN REFUND.
  10. EVENING PERMITS: Students who park in University lots during evening hours must purchase a parking permit. Those with Evening permits desiring to park before 3:00 p.m. must purchase Temporary permits at cost of $5.00 per day.
  11. Specific EXPIRATION DATES are indicated on each parking permit.
  12. Purchase Permits
    1. Students must be registered for classes to purchase a parking permit. Permits must be purchased online.
    2. Students purchasing accessible parking permits need to bring documentation to UT Parking Office at 2121 Stephenson Drive to process this transaction.

Special Parking Permits

    1. Orange Dots allow parking in unreserved staff areas only and must be accompanied by current parking permit. For departmental use only. Circle Park is not an unreserved Staff area.
    2. Orange Dots are designed to help departments conduct departmental business and should only be used for short periods to access alternate locations. Orange Dots may not be used on a regular basis to alter allocated parking assignments.
    3. Issued on letter of request and justification from appropriate Chief Administrative Officer of each major division.
    1. Allows parking in another unreserved area on campus (distance of 1/2 mile or greater) for those persons whose duties require movement. Issued on letter of request and justification from appropriate Chief Administrative Officer of each major division.
    1. Temporary staff desiring to park on campus must purchase a permit for $5.00 per day or $30.00 per month and may choose the lesser rate. Authorization letter required.
    2. Temporary parking for student areas may be purchased at rate of $5.00 per day when space is available.
    3. Staff and students who have purchased a transferable parking permit but forget to place it in the vehicle they are driving to campus, may obtain a one day replacement permit at no charge.
    1. Parking permits for Sales and Service Representatives are available from the Parking and Transit Services Department at a cost of $170.00 (Annually), or $5.00 per day and permits parking in all unreserved staff areas while on University business ONLY.

Garage Parking

Gated garages

  1. McClung Garage (G1 & G2) for Staff only.
    1. Unreserved parking 5 1/2 days per week at $56.50 per month.
    2. A $15.00 charge will be assessed for a lost or mutilated gate control card.
  2. Volunteer Hall Garage (G15)
    1. Level 1 (White Avenue Entrance) Public parking at the required gate fee of $1.00 per 30 minutes.
    2. Arrangements for conference parking can be made in advance with the Parking and Transit Services Department (974-6031). Conference rate is $5.00 per day.
    3. Level 1 Public Garage area of Volunteer Hall Garage is open 7:00am to 11:00pm, Monday thru Friday. Schedule may change due to special events, conferences, etc.
    4. Level 1 Public Garage area of Volunteer Hall Garage Overnight parking will not be allowed.
    5. Level 1 also has limited (G15) Staff Parking that is unreserved 5 1/2 days per week at $56.50 per month. A $15.00 charge will be assessed for a lost or mutilated gate control card.
    6. There is a $10.60 charge for a lost gate ticket.
    7. Levels 2-5 are Non-commuter parking (N17).
  3. Locust Street Garage is for Staff and public parking by special arrangement.
    1. Staff Parking at $56.50 per month is limited and provides parking on a first-come basis except during special events.
    2. A $15.00 charge will be assessed for a lost or mutilated gate control card.
    3. Public parking is available on an hourly basis at the required gate fee of $1.00 the first half-hour and $1.00 for each additional half-hour.
    4. Arrangements for conference parking can be made in advance with the Parking and Transit Services Department (974-6031). Conference rate is $5.00 per day.

Non-gated garages – parking by permit as designated by posted signs

  1. Administrative Parking Garage (G3, G4 and G5).
  2. West Campus Parking Garage (G7)
  3. Neyland Dr. Garage (G10)
  4. Lake Avenue Parking Garage (G11)
  5. White Avenue Parking Garage (G12)
  6. 11th Street Parking Garage (G13)
  7. Pratt Pavilion Garage (G14)
  8. Volunteer Boulevard Parking Garage (G16)


  1. Definition: Persons not connected with the University who occasionally have reasons to be on campus.
  2. Visitor parking is available in the Level 1 Area of the Volunteer Hall at the published rates and also at parking meters located on City of Knoxville streets.
  3. All parking in University lots is by permit only. Maps of campus and Visitor parking permits are available at 2121 Stephenson Drive or at the Information Center at the entrance to Circle Park. D. Visitor permits are available at the daily rate or appropriate fee for duration of visit.
  4. Visitors are required to secure and display a valid parking permit when parking in University lots.
  5. University Departments that invite visitors to campus should contact Parking and Transit Services to arrange visitor parking. Requests for special guest parking should be submitted to Parking and Transit Services as far in advance as possible. Special event parking requests should be submitted at least seven (7) days in advance in order to coordinate the numerous parking requests received.
  6. Use of an accessible parking placard for visitor parking requires proof of a valid placard/plate to obtain a UT accessible parking permit. This permit is valid in all marked campus accessible spaces and all campus unreserved spaces and has “no fee.” The visitor must display both the University issued permit and the State issued handicap placard or license plate in their vehicle.

Vehicle Operation

  1. All persons operating a vehicle on University property or in the campus area, which includes city streets running through University property, must be properly licensed operators.
  2. Pedestrians have the right-of-way at established pedestrian crossings, except where regulated by traffic control lights or police officers.
  3. Under normal conditions the maximum speed limit on campus streets is 20 mph and 30 mph on the city streets or as posted. However, vehicles may not be operated at any speed which is excessive for the conditions which may exist as a result of weather, traffic congestion, pedestrians, etc.
  4. Traffic control signs, devices and directions of police officers will be obeyed.
  5. All persons operating vehicles are responsible for maintaining control of the vehicle, safe operation of the vehicle, and observance of traffic control signs, barriers, and devices.
  6. Operating a motor vehicle in any area other than a street or roadway intended for motor vehicles is prohibited.
  7. All accidents must be reported to the University Police immediately (974-3111).
  8. Bicycles operated on campus or city streets will be controlled under the same regulations and conditions that apply to motor vehicles.


The following examples shall constitute violations of these regulations:

  1. Registration
    1. On university property with no visible permit or registration tag
    2. Altered or mutilated registration tag or parking permit
    3. Unauthorized possession of registration tag or parking permit
    4. Falsification of registration information
  2. Parking
    1. In a no parking zone
    2. In unauthorized area
    3. In loading zone (including loading dock)
    4. Blocking Dempster Dumpster
    5. In fire lane
    6. Blocking or obstructing traffic, street, sidewalk, driveway, fire hydrant, building entrance or exit, or another vehicle
    7. Parked wrong way on one-way street
    8. Parked overtime
    9. Disability parking violation, as defined by State law (e.g., an unauthorized use of a disabled parking space, ramp, plate, or placard; parking a vehicle so that a portion of the vehicle encroaches into a disabled parking space in a manner which restricts, or reasonably could restrict, a person confined to a wheelchair from exiting or entering a vehicle properly parked within a disabled parking space).
    10. Parked outside lines or appropriately marked space
  3. Moving
    1. Exceeding posted speed limit
    2. Excessive speed for existing conditions
    3. Failure to obey traffic control signal or sign
    4. Failure to obey a police officer
    5. Operating a vehicle without a valid operator’s license
    6. Driving off of roadway or street
    7. Reckless driving and/or racing
    8. Failure to yield right-of-way at pedestrian crossing
    9. Leaving scene of accident
    10. Failure to signal turn or stop
    11. Wrong way on one-way street
    12. Following too closely
    13. Operating mechanically unsafe vehicle
    14. Driving while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
    15. Operating vehicle causing loud or unnecessary noise, such as loud mufflers, horns, P.A. systems, etc.


  1. University violation citations must be answered in person or by mail at the Parking and Transit Services Department within fourteen (14) calendar days after issuance to avoid 50% penalty for late payment or forfeiture of right to appeal.
  2. City citations must be answered as indicated on the citations.
  3. Vehicles having a violation citation(s) which has not been satisfactorily disposed of by payment of assessed penalties/fines within the fourteen (14) calendar day period or by a successful appeal may be towed/booted whenever found parked on University property, provided the owner of such vehicle will first be notified in writing of:
    1. The existence of delinquent violation citation(s);
    2. The owner’s right to a hearing and where such hearing may be obtained; and
    3. The University’s intent to tow/boot such vehicle when it is next found on University property, whether parked legally or illegally.
  4. Vehicles parked in a fire lane, designated handicapped parking space, reserved parking space, or in such manner as to impede the flow of traffic or disrupt the orderly affairs of the University may be impounded/booted. Owners of vehicles impounded/booted for the above reasons have a right to a hearing that will be provided on request prior to the payment of penalties.
  5. Hearing will be provided at the Parking and Transit Services Department located at 2121 Stephenson Drive.
  6. Impounded vehicles may be claimed at 2121 Stephenson Drive, M-F, 7:30 a.m.–4:45 p.m. After this time, vehicles may be claimed at the UT Police Department, 1101 Cumberland Avenue. Impounded vehicles will be released only upon proper identification.


  1. Fines and Other Penalties for Violations – Staff, Students and Visitors.
    1. Registration violation $32.00 (except an altered or mutilated registration tag or parking permit violation, an unauthorized possession of registration tag or parking permit violation, and a falsification of registration information violation, the penalty for each of which is $250.00).
    2. Parking violation $24.00, except for the following violations:
      1. Fire lane violation $42.00.
      2. Disability parking violation. The fine for a disability parking violation is set by State law, Tennessee Code Annotated section 55-21-108. As of July 1, 2008, the fine was set at two hundred ($200). The fine imposed under these regulations will increase or decrease automatically when increased or decreased by State law. The fine for a disability parking violation shall not be suspended or waived. In addition to the fine, not more than five (5) hours of community service work may be imposed for a disability parking violation. Any community service work requirements imposed shall be to assist the disabled community by monitoring disabled parking spaces, providing assistance to disability centers or to disabled veterans, or other such purposes.
      3. Moving violation $29.00
      4. Impounded vehicle $60.00 (plus $5.00 per day storage fee)
      5. Booted vehicle $42.00 (plus $3.00 per day storage fee)
  2. If a citation is not paid or appealed within fourteen (14) calendar days after issuance, a penalty of 50% of the fee will be assessed. In case a citation is appealed, all amounts due must be paid within fourteen (14) calendar days of notification that the original appeal was not sustained.
  3. Disciplinary Action-Staff and Students
    1. Any staff member or student who has failed to pay citations is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination or dismissal from the university.
    2. Students with outstanding traffic citations will not be permitted to register at the beginning of the semester until indebtedness is cleared.
    3. A staff member with outstanding traffic citations will not be allowed to register a vehicle or purchase a parking permit.


  1. Student and Staff Appeals Boards are appointed by the Traffic and Parking Authority.
  2. A written appeal, using the form supplied by the Parking and Transit Services Department, is the initial step in the appeals process. This must be done within fourteen (14) calendar days from the issuance of the citation or the right of appeal will be forfeited. Appeals must be made by the person cited or person to whom the vehicle is registered. Oral or written requests from other persons will not be accepted except to clarify that a person cited is not an active UT employee or student.
  3. Failure to appear without prior notice at scheduled Staff or Student Appeals Board meetings will result in forfeiture of right to appeal to the Board.
  4. A Staff Appeals Board meets as required at 2121 Stephenson Drive. A Student Appeals Board meets regularly during each semester at the same location. The Parking and Transit Services Department (865-974-6031) may be contacted for appeals information.
  5. Information concerning higher appeals is available for those who wish to pursue the appeals process further.
  6. A staff member or student who receives MORE THAN six (6) citations, paid or unpaid (but not including citations under appeal) in the same academic year may be required to forfeit his or her parking privilege for the remainder of that academic year. Such a violator will be scheduled to appear before an Appeals Board. The Board will make a recommendation to the UT Traffic and Parking Authority about forfeiture of the parking privilege. A person who parks his or her car on campus after the parking permit has been forfeited may have the car impounded/booted until all citations are paid, including the impoundment/booting fee.


  1. University streets or grounds may not be used by any firm, corporation or person for advertising or commercial purposes.
  2. Excessive noise by musical instruments, loudspeakers, faulty mufflers, or muffler cutouts is prohibited on streets within the Campus Area.
  3. Student and staff vehicles are to be removed from designated parking lots by 7:00 a.m. on days when football games are scheduled at Neyland Stadium. Vehicles remaining after 7:00 a.m. will be removed and impounded.

Special Occasions and Emergencies

On special occasions, for example: athletic events, concerts, graduation exercises, etc., and in emergencies, parking and traffic limitations may be imposed by UT Police or Parking and Transit Services as required by the conditions which prevail.

Pedestrian Regulations

Students and staff members must not endanger their safety or constitute an unreasonable impediment to lawful vehicular traffic by crossing streets at other than authorized lanes or by willfully walking or congregating in the streets. All persons will avoid walking across lawns or against traffic signs.

Bicycle Regulations

  1. Bicycles operated on campus or city streets are subject to all state, local and University motor vehicle laws pertaining to street travel. Bicycles operated on sidewalks or other pedestrian thoroughfares, are subject to all state, local and University laws and regulations regarding pedestrians.
  2. Registration-All bicycles parked on campus must display a current UT Bicycle Parking Permit obtained from the UT Parking and Transit Services Office. There will be no fee for the registration of bicycles. Permits must be permanently attached to the seat tube below the horizontal bar, or comparable location. The permit must be visible and legible. Any permit that becomes illegible must be replaced. Damaged permits will be replaced at no charge. Permits are not transferable to other bicycles or individuals. Unregistered bicycles are subject to impoundment.
  3. Prohibited Parking-Bicycles are to be parked in a designated bicycle rack. The following will be prohibited: bicycle parking in a manner that blocks pedestrian paths, obstructs accessible routes, obstructs building access, or affixing your bicycle to trees. Additionally, parking, riding, rolling, or storage of bicycles inside buildings is prohibited, except in University residence halls in accordance with the UT Division of Student Life University Housing Policy. Bicycles parked in prohibited areas are subject to impoundment.
  4. Abandoned bicycles-Bicycles may be identified as abandoned if missing a major component such as pedals, handlebars, a chain, and or has flat tires. Abandoned bicycles are subject to impoundment.
  5. Impoundment-Bicycles are subject to impoundment in the following instances: (1) if not properly registered, (2) are parked in prohibited areas, or (3) are deemed abandoned. Bicycle security devices may be removed by whatever means necessary to impound bicycles. The University will not be liable to the owner of this device for the cost repair or replacement. Claiming a registered impounded bicycle requires UT identification. Claiming an unregistered bicycle requires providing proof of ownership (a sales receipt or notarized statement of ownership providing the make, model, color, and location at the time of impoundment). The claimant must sign a statement of receipt for the bicycle. There will be no fee assessed for the return of an impounded bicycle. A list of currently impounded bicycles shall be posted on the Parking & Transit website. Impounded bicycles will be held for 30 calendar days before disposal by means the University deems appropriate.

Bad Checks

There will be a service charge on a returned check. The amount of the charge will be the same amount assessed by the Office of the Bursar when collecting returned checks.

OP00025-K Parking
Version: 1 // Effective: 06/14/2018
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