LACU100 – Access to Animal Facilities

Access to Animal Facilities

Only authorized individuals are permitted into the UTHSC animal facilities. Access is granted to persons that are listed on an approved protocol, who have completed the required training and are enrolled in the occupational health program. Authorization is limited to those buildings, areas, or rooms where the principal investigators’ animals are housed or research is being conducted. This policy exists to protect UTHSC employees, students, and the general public from unnecessary exposure to potential hazards, to protect animals and research from interference from unauthorized personnel, and to prevent the introduction and spread of infectious diseases that can impact the animals and animal research. Both faculty and staff are encouraged to assist in the enforcement of this policy and to report noncompliance to Dr. Tim Mandrell, Director, LACU at 448-­‐5656 or UT Police at 448-­‐4444. Unauthorized access to any animal facility is considered trespassing, will be dealt with as a police and research integrity matter and will result in loss of animal facility access privileges. Recent incidents have included entry into unapproved areas by someone with limited access or no access for the area. Each time, admittance was enabled by the loaning of an ID card or by research personnel escorting unauthorized persons into secured rooms. Per UT Police Policy, persons loaning or otherwise misusing identification cards will be subject to disciplinary action.

Any questions regarding access to UTHSC research facilities should be directed to the LACU supervisory or veterinary staff.

Timothy D. Mandrell, DVM, DACLAM Director, Laboratory Animal Care Unit Professor and Chair

Department of Comparative Medicine 901.448.5656

LACU100 – Access to Animal Facilities
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