ITS-GP-001.01 – Framework for Developing Standards and Practices

Responsible Office: Vice Chancellor for Information Technology/CIO

Last Review: 04/17/2020

Next Review: 04/17/2022

Contact: Dan Harder

Phone: 901.448.2500



To define how IT Standards and Practices are developed, approved, implemented, and maintained.


All UTHSC IT Standards and Practices.


  1. Standard and Practice development and approval
    1. Any UT faculty, staff member or student may propose a topic or content for a UTHSC IT Standard or Practice. Such proposals should be directed to the Office of the CIO. Security specific proposals should be directed to the Office of Cybersecurity or the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).
    2. The CIO or CISO decides which proposals are appropriate for consideration as well as which component of the Governance for IT structure reviews the draft for proposals.
    3. The Office of the CIO or the Office of Cybersecurity prepares a draft of the proposal Standard or Practice and submits it to the assigned Governance committee. This committee reviews and modifies the draft as needed and makes a recommendation to the CIO or CISO. The Governance committee may seek input from constituent groups.
    4. The CIO or CISO seeks input from UTHSC administration and others as appropriate.
    5. The CIO or CISO seeks input from the Office of General Counsel and the Office of Institutional Compliance as appropriate.
    6. The CIO or CISO approves the Standard/Practice for implementation.
  2. Standard and Practice implementation
    1. Standards and Practices are published on the UTHSC policy website.
    2. Information about standards and practices may also be communicated via announcements, memoranda, and training.
  3. Standard and Practice maintenance
    1. Revisions to Standards and Practices follow the same process for approval as new Standards or Practices.
    2. Standards and Practices are reviewed as appropriate or as required by law.


  1. ITS-GP-001-Standard on UTHSC Information Technology Standards and Practices

ITS-GP-001.01 – Framework for Developing Standards and Practices
Version: 3 // Effective: 03/17/2016
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