IT00006-K Registered Network Device Retention

Knoxville Campus Policy:

IT00006-K Registered Network Device Retention

Version 1

Effective Date: 06/14/2018

Office of Information Technology

Registered Network Device Retention


All computing devices to be used on the UTK network must be registered with the Office of Information Technology in order to provide domain name resolution. The Network Registration web site,, allows you to maintain your list of devices registered on the network.

In an effort to maintain accurate records, OIT will systematically purge the network registrations of any inactive device on a regular basis.


Devices that meet the following inactivity requirements will be purged from the registration database.

  • Registered as a DHCP device. Most desktop, laptop, tablets, smart phones, game consoles & other wireless devices fall under this category.
  • Most recent DHCP lease is outside of the grace period. The current grace period is set at 16 months.

Statically registered devices (DNS and static-DHCP) are currently exempt from the purge process. Most servers fall under this registration category.

OIT reserves the right to review the requirements and revise them at any time.

To determine if your devices are candidates for the purging process, please consult Netreg web site or contact the OIT HelpDesk.

*Any device that is deleted for inactivity, may simply register to gain access to the UT network.


Registered owner(s) of a candidate device may be sent one or more courtesy email notifications of our intent to unregister the device from the network. However, devices past their grace periods will be removed from the network automatically, with or without owner confirmation or approval.

It is the NetReg owner’s responsibility to verify device registration and to transfer registration, if applicable.


  • OIT will remove DHCP registered devices from the network registration database if they have not been seen on the network within a fixed period of time.
  • A DHCP registered device must be seen on the network at least once every 16 months. This grace period is subject to change in the future.
  • Static registered devices (including those classified as static-DHCP) are not affected by this policy.
  • If a valid email address is available for the registered owner of the device, one or more notices may be sent prior to removing a device. This is a courtesy, not a prerequisite.
  • If a device is transferred to another individual, it is the owner’s responsibility to update the network registration profile.

IT00006-K Registered Network Device Retention
Version: 1 // Effective: 06/14/2018
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