IA100 – International Travel Requirements

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IA100 – International Travel Requirements


Resp. Office: International Affairs Approval Body: CASA

Effective Date: 10/06/2014

Category: International Affairs

Last Review: 02/01/2022

Next Review: 02/01/2025

Contact: Connie Childs, Director

International Affairs Office

 901.448.2693


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UTHSC recognizes that faculty, staff, and students may need to travel abroad on official university business (e.g. participation in professional society meetings, travel to meet with business partners, participation in an educational program that confers academic credit, etc.). To provide support for such travel and mitigate risk for travelers and for the University, UTHSC has contracted with an external vendor, International SOS, to facilitate communication with travelers and provide insurance coverage and referrals for medical care and other services for those traveling abroad. Prior registration is required for all individuals traveling abroad using the following procedure in order to receive reimbursement for travel and/or to receive academic credit.

For the link to the online form and more information, please visit: https://uthsc.edu/international/travel-registration.php.


All individuals traveling abroad on official university business must complete an online international travel registration prior to commencement of their trip. All travelers to U.S. territories are also required to register. These territories include Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Northern Mariana Islands. Travel to neighboring countries such as Canada is international travel and requires compliance with this registration program.

This pre-registration requirement applies to all of the following categories of faculty, staff and students:

  1. All Faculty, Staff, and Students traveling abroad on University funds
  2. All Faculty, Staff and Students traveling abroad on University business without University funds (example: a faculty member invited to give a key-note address at a conference and his/her costs are fully paid by the conference)
  3. All Students traveling abroad and receiving academic credit (example: student participating in a recognized elective at an institution with which UTHSC has a formal agreement).
  4. All Students traveling abroad on non-credit programs sponsored by academic programs/departments (example: travel organized by a college to allow students to understand health care systems in another country).

Individuals traveling for solely personal reasons (vacation, medical mission trips, etc.) are not eligible for coverage through this program and should not register their travel.

  1. To register, prospective travelers should complete an online form available at https://uthsc.edu/international/travel-registration.php/ providing all relevant information about the trip. This alerts the Office of International Affairs of the impending travel. Student travelers must also receive prior approval from their college/program director if the anticipated travel is for academic credit or for participation in a college- sponsored noncredit activity.
  2. Once the International Travel Registration form is submitted, the traveler will receive an automated email with information about International SOS, a travel insurance and risk management company contracted by the University of Tennessee, and including a link to download the International SOS app and insurance card. For these details, the traveler may peruse the International SOS membership portal.
  3. The final step in the process is the completion of a Travel Warning form.

Travelers who fail to complete the registration prior to international travel:

  1. May not be successful in obtaining reimbursement for travel expenses.
  2. May not be able to access assistance from International SOS.

Accessing Travel Services

International SOS should be contacted directly if a traveler requires a referral for medical, dental or legal services. Travelers are expected to pay for these services at the point of care andfile paperwork with their insurance companies later for reimbursement.

If there is a serious emergency that would require evacuation for medical reasons, civil unrest or climatic event, the traveler should contact International SOS or UTHSC Campus Police (901- 448-4444).

Depending on the nature and acuity of the emergency, UTHSC may then authorize International SOS to proceed with the appropriate evacuation/medical services.


Effective: October 6, 2014

Revised: May 15, 2018, Committee on Academic and Student Affairs (CASA) Approved: June 5, 2018, CASA

Approved: June 25, 2018, Chancellor

Approved: February 1, 2022, CASA

Approved: February 2, 2022, Chief Academic Officer

IA100 – International Travel Requirements
Version: // Effective: 10/06/2014
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